From Normani And Oxlade To Rosalía And Mahalia… 9 New Music Projects Out Now!

Mahalia – Whatever Simon Says

Following the release of Letter To Ur Ex, Mahalia is back with another perfect remedy for dealing with emotions, Whatever Simon Says, which sees her reject traditional beauty standards and society’s norms.

Produced By JD. Reid, Mahalia says that, “This song is about wanting it to work with someone but knowing it ultimately can’t because their expectation of what type of woman I should be is just far too high.

I feel like ‘whatever Simon says’ is every girls ‘fuck you’ to the system that has always been set up through a male gaze. It’s us saying that we are going to be everything we want to be because we want it. And not because a man tells us to.”

Normani – Fair

Normani is back with her first single of 2022 with Fair, following the success of last year’s Cardi B collaboration with the track Wild Side. The single is produced by Harv. and co-written by Normani, Abby Keen, Bernard Harvey and Felisha King Harvey. The artwork has been circlulating social media for a few weeks now with fans praising the single as a nostalgic 00’s RnB hit.

Normani says, “Sharing this record makes me uncomfortable because you have never really seen me in this light. Definitely aware that you might feel like you don’t know much about me but that’s only because it’s what makes me feel protected. I am really forcing myself to let go here. This is huge for me and hopefully this piece of art resonates. Love is beautiful yet so soooo terrifying.”

Shaé Universe X Enny – Sit Back

Announcing her debut EP alongside a new single, Sit Back featuring rap-powerhouse ENNY, Shaé Universe is taking her sound to the next level. Steering away from her pivotal R&Drill sound, both artists adapt a sexy, sultry and soothing sound in their collaboration.

Shaé’s EP, Unorthodox is out April 1st, “This EP is so far from everything I imagined my first ever debut EP to be, but in a wonderfully refreshing way.” Shaé continues, “I’m so excited to see what it does in the world!”

Joyce Wrice X Kaytranada – Iced Tea

Joyce Wrice is back almost a year since the release of her debut album, Overgrown. The single produced by Kaytranada, is a smooth and refreshing single for anyone looking to update their playlist. Today, Joyce begins her tour with Lucky Daye on his North American Tour!

Elaine – Shine

South African songstress, Elaine shares her first single of 2022, Shine. Co-written by Brittany B, the single is accompanied by beautiful visuals that show-off Elaine’s timely sound and eye for fashion. Elaine adds, “Shine’ is exactly what it feels like to loosen your grip and let go of fear, more particularly the fear of love, in all its forms.

“At the time I wrote it from a place of heartbreak – watching someone you love not love themselves or love you the way you love them, but wishing them the best regardless because you see the light in them.”

Erick The Architect X Col3trane – Plus Minus

Col3trane is back with the latest smooth, vibing single Plus Minus, with Erick The Architect. The single produced by Jmoon, the pair reflect on a toxic cycle with unexpected entanglement, Col3trane says, “It was all recorded in the room on a cold night in London, and I think the song really mirrors that energy.

“It addresses the ups and downs of relationships, and the inner struggle that comes with it.”


Rosalía releases her third studio album, MOTOMAMI, showcasing the Latin songstress’ exceptional music range and sets out exactly what she intends to do, present herself as an artist with longevity.

Oxlade – Want You

Oxlade is back with his first single of 2022, Want You. The award winning Nigerian artist released the single as his debut under Epic Records Label, the track is as sweet as Oxlade’s past releases and will quickly want to be added to your playlist this weekend…

Praiz – Reckless [ALBUM]

Multi-award winning R&B singer songwriter and producer Praiz releases his third studio album, Reckless. Doing what he does best, the project is filled with sensual melodies that can be proven to be timeless overtime, with the theme of love and devotion running throughout.

Praiz says, “I wanted to make global sounds that appeal to the Gen Z and also the Millennials! The idea of time when you’re listening to certain songs, especially as a creator, it’s like, ‘are people going to still jam to this in 20 years?'”

“I was thinking about time or, rather, timelessness as I created the music that would make up my 3rd album, which traverses both genre and era; there are hints of ’80s maximalist pop, contemporary R&B next to traditional soul, kizomba and Afrobeat”. 

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