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Indigo Marshall Gives Sensational Performance At Sold Out Headline Show In Birmingham!

Article was co-written by Tara Folkes and Thomas Atkinson

After releasing her debut EP ‘The Fall’ earlier this month and its #1 status on Amazon Music’s R&B Chart, things are looking up for Indigo Marshall. To celebrate her debut EP, Indigo had another first – her debut headline show – which took place on March 16th.

You can find an article on The Fall’ here.

The event was held at the famous Hare & Hounds in Birmingham, which has hosted many famous acts early on in their careers such as Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, and most notably UB40. Supporting Indigo were fellow Midlanders: Pheleba, Madi Saskia, and DJ Buxley, with Tarju Le’Sano hosting the show.

Pheleba (Supporting Artist) @pheleba

Opening the show was Birmingham-based artist Pheleba. With soft, subtle vocals and honest lyrics, Pheleba had a quiet but strong presence on stage as the audience was solely focused on her performance. Performing songs: “All I Need”, “Us” and “Beautiful”, Pheleba told her story through her lyrics, dedicating the songs to her partner and their children.

Madi Saskia was next up, all the way from Smethwick and she too delivered with a more breathy and effortless singing technique. She gave us that classic R’n’B sound on songs like “Open Your Eyes” and the atmospheric “All I Want Is You.” Madi Saskia closed things with a tease of the future on “Speechless” and was very humble in excepting the applause. Support acts can be very hit and miss, but these two future stars from the 0121 showed the talent on display and the celebratory atmosphere was a welcome boost to both artists.

Madi Saskia (Supporting Artist) @madisaskiamusic

It was time for the headliner and Indigo Marshall did exactly that, putting on an amazing display and showing why you need to see the live show and not just listen to the music at home. Her silky vocals on “Emotional” showed the songwriting ability, with everyone singing along from start to finish.

Despite the emotional and deep-rooted content of “Therapy” and EP opener “Paris,” you could see the smiles on all the performer’s faces, showing how much it meant for Indigo and her team to be there and get the material out in the flesh.

Indigo Marshall

It was truly a family affair with her brother Ashley, being able to show off his skills on the keyboard and even a happy birthday for a cousin, with many a family member cheering Indigo on in the crowd. The explanation and detailing of the tracks from the EP like the title track “The Fall,” was a nice touch that gave some context to what these songs meant to her and life at that time.

Sensational covers of the Garage classic “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude and the big Funky-House number “In The Morning” by Egypt, identified her versatility and showed she could get the crowd on their feet.

To end proceedings the material moved back in a more heartfelt and passionate direction with “Questions” and “Figure It Out” from the EP and a stellar performance of “That’s What Love Is,” to end proceedings on a high and show that R’n’B is very much alive in the UK and that listeners should be directing their ears towards Birmingham.

Indigo Marshall

Throughout the night, there was a recurring theme of celebrating women in music. As Pheleba and Madi Saskia would open the show, they would also give thanks to Indigo along with celebrating the talents of female R’n’B in the Midlands.

The crowd showed love throughout the entire night, with many of them being friends and family of the performers. Indigo would go on to mention how in the beginning it was just her mum and dad and to see so many people support her now was amazing. The room was so full, many people were standing in the corridor to just see her perform. It won’t be long before Indigo will find herself selling out bigger venues. She, along with Pheleba and Madi Saskia have bright futures ahead.

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