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FRYA Releases Cinematic Visuals For ‘Changes’

Zimbabwe-born R&B powerhouse, FRYA, released her debut album, ‘Balance’ on February 4, 2022, which features a great selection of dynamic and eclectic tracks. However, a standout single off the record, titled ‘Changes’ deserves an honourable mention since the release of its Official Music Video on March 15, 2022.

The track deeply stems from a place of nostalgia, in the way it vocalises the difficulties that come with moving on, and the ‘changing changes’ which you wish to hold onto when you lose someone special in your life.

FRYA’s Beautiful lyricism in ‘Changes’ strongly expresses this human response to change, along with a great deal of symbolism to nature. The imagery of these fragments in time in specific seasons, and the air moving around us creates the feeling of this being a natural response and enriches the message due to the link between human emotion and nature.

This is suitably mirrored in the ‘Changes’ Official Music Video, directed by Yoza Mnyanda. The visuals of this piece are truly magnificent. Taking place primarily outdoors, we observe an undeniable human connection between the child and mother figure, who represents the loving relationship between FRYA and her late mother. Alongside this, we see a blossoming relationship between them and the environment surrounding them. Through the imagery of FRYA walking barefoot in the grass, the use of the forest and natural lights, plants, and animals, it is very organic and scenic in the way it is shot.

Nature can be healing to the soul and space for peace and companionship, which directly links to the peace FRYA is trying to find since this loss in her life.

The video pays homage to the memories FRYA will forever hold of her mother and express her wishes to relive them. It shows the depth of change we all experience as she is now grown-up and changed herself, but now only with the memories from before.

The song itself and the visuals that further tell the story are emotive and somewhat melancholic in the way that small reminders of the past can be painful to revisit. Although, the booming and rich sounds of the orchestra which emerge throughout the track, fasten the tempo, alongside the increased momentum of the horse. This creates an uplifting sound as a reminder that change is inevitable, and eventually we learn to live with that change.

This is an exciting and poignant project from FRYA, and we should expect to see more influential work from her in the future.

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