Gareth Donkin

Gareth Donkin Effortlessly Shines on the Ethereal ‘Tell Me Something’

Singer-songwriter and producer Gareth Donkin shares his new single – ‘Tell Me Something’, ahead of the debut album – Welcome Home‘.

Produced by friend and collaborator Dilip, ‘Tell Me Something’ is an ethereal, mellow R&B track. Donkin showcases his subtle, tender vocals, effortlessly enchanting listeners. Featuring an acoustic guitar performance by Daniel Dessoy and a trombone from Adam Wilkin, Donkin has crafted a beautiful, airy track you’ll want to listen to on chilled, summer nights.

This is Donkin’s fifth single of the year, following ‘GEEK OUT!’ (featuring quickly, quickly and The Breathing Effect), ‘Whenever’, ‘Something Different’, and ‘Nothing We Can’t Get Through’.

Welcome Home‘ will be released on August 25th.

Connect with Gareth Donkin on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Read more our news stories here.

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