#IMExclusive: Georgia Meek Debuts New Single Pray

Georgia Meek returns. Since launching a solo career in early 2017, following a string of success in various bands she has accumulated praise from the likes of Huw Stephens, Shell Zenner & BBC Introducing.

The singer has continued to make waves in the industry this year, with her critically acclaimed debut singe ‘Bare’ racking up an impressive 18,000 streams over night and going on to make a further 350,000. 


‘Pray’ is her first single of the year and will be one of four tracks making up her 2019 EP, ‘Pop Culture’.

While there is no doubt that Georgia can paint vivid imagery across the melody lines of any track with her heartfelt lyrics; the standout moments in this song were created by its atmospheric details.

The soulful choir like harmonies in the pre-chorus create a very Gospelesque ambience which is perhaps quite fitting, considering the song’s title.

Time and time again Georgia has proved that she’s an incredible lyricist, with thought-provoking phrases that tug on your heartstrings.

However, I now feel like I am truly getting to know Georgia Meek the artist.

Not only did “Pray” give further insight into Georgia’s personality with a extremely candid outro, but the vocal production during the song also reflected this.

I really feel like Georgia Meek has come into her own. With thoughtful ad-libs to accent her emotionally charged hooks and the occasional use of distortion, it was impressive to see her experiment a little more with the production element of her music.

Georgia has never been one to shy away from the gritty truths.

On the single, Georgia says;

“As a writer, I love burying ironic lyricism under easy listening melodies. I feel like being in your 20’s is such a high-pressure time, and this year I want to put something out there that highlights how we are actually doing more damage through this than development. I’m not afraid as a 24 year old to admit that I spend all day feeling anxious about building the right career for myself, then all night numbing the fear of failure with booze, dating apps & social media.”

While this track is not quite a dossier of the singer’s love life, the synth-filled pop song tells the story of the regret that accompanies those oops moments in relationships.

The singer’s work has always been a type of artistry that is rooted in being apologetic, which is exactly why she remains so relatable.

Despite being both poignant and wittily expressive “pray” has this distinctive way of mimicking a conversation, almost to the extent that by the end of the track you just want to give the singer hug.

Intinally beginning with what sounds like an address to her lover, the song progresses into an internal conversation in which the singer acknowledges her mistakes.

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