#IMDiscovers: January Picks

Happy New Year! It’s still January so I can totally still that right? I am going to go with yes. 

The end of a month can only mean one thing. It’s time for another installment of your favourite music round up #IMDiscovers. Yes that’s right we are back with our January picks.

We are always on the lookout for new talent so be sure to hashtag #IMDiscovers on Instagram and twitter for a chance to be featured in the next roundup.

Without further ado here are our January picks.


Cheap – Maisie Bourke

Maisie bourke releases new song cheapCheck in for a brief stay at the heartbreak hotel with the soothing sounds of Maisie Bourke. Her new song “Cheap” tells the all too familiar tale of a lover that’s moved on with a somewhat worse version of you. Nice going lad!

Accompanied by a beautifully raw piano melody and a rather endearing video , listening to this song very much feels like reliving one of your own memories.

It looks like indie pop vocal stylings and buckets of nostalgia is just what the doctor order to remedy that heartbreak.

Yesterday – Natalie Shay

Natalie shay debuts new single yesterday Indie Pop & prestine vocals seems to be a winning combination this month. Natalie Shay is certainly no exception to that rule. Returning with her brand new single “yesterday”, the singer flawlessly brings the elements of all of my favourite genres.

There are hints of rock creeping in with the percussion and electric guitars, a slight country twang to her ad-libs, and an indie pop melody.

Natalie has created a beautiful marriage of sounds effortlessly tied together by her angelic vocals for this feel good track.

Watcha Want – Eldé

Eldé releases brand new song watchu want With a distinctive vocal to capture your attention from the very beginning, this is a song you will fall in love with instantly. The Neo/R&B singer’s unique tone creates a sound that is nothing short of addictive.

At just three minutes three seconds, the track serves as a appetising introduction to singer, which is bound to leave you begging for me. I suppose that’s the point isn’t it – nicely played Eldé!

Gravity – Adreyn Cash

Adreyn Cash releases new song Gravity Have you ever listened to vocals so clean you actually got excited? Well that’s exactly how this song made me feel. On this brand new R&B number Adreyn Cash effortlessly waltzes  across the melody lines delivering a well seasoned vocal performance.

This is clearly an artist who has taken the time to work on his craft and is indeed confident in their sound.

Shoutout to the producer on this one too because the synth heavy track will definitely cause some inadvertent head bobbing.


Where Do I Go – Ella Jinks

Ella Jinks new single where do I go Rich soulful vocals wrapped in danity delivery “where do I go” is a beautiful rendition of the sounds loss and confusion.

Ella has this tone to her voice that is truly mesmerising. The more you hear the more you want to indulge yourself.

Dancing on the air of sorrow the poignant track tells the story of remaining in situation even when you know you deserve better, standing as a great example of honest story telling.

Nobody – Miraa May

Miraa May release new single Nobody Mellow sounds and good vibes. Allow your cares to be whisked away by the smooth melodic tones of Miraa May.

Contemporary R&B track “Nobody” much like it’s recently released accompanying visuals conveys the idea of living a happy carefree life.

If nothing else this song is certain to bring a smile to your face.

Lay It On The Line – Huntar

Huntar debuts new album A slick combination of alternative pop and R&B, it comes as no surprise that “Lay it on the line” is a standout track from Huntar’s new album.

With sweeping synths and futuristic tones, the song tells the story of a man who wants nothing more than for his partner to be honest – haven’t we all been there.

I have no doubts that the young Londoner will be releasing some great tunes this year and if his album is anything to go by we are in for a real electro-infused treat.


Familiar – A Me B

A Me B debuts new EP Wide awake “Familiar” is a very different sound from A Me B’s usual electro pop stylings but a welcomed change nonetheless.

The singer takes the tempo right down with a reflective song that explores the highs and lows of modern day dating.

It was nice to hear the Manchester native on a track which delved a little deeper into the singer’s vocal ability.

Her new EP most definitely shines a light on the artist’s versatility, perhaps giving a nod to her future creative direction.

Human Nature – Kuri

Kuri releases the visuals for melancholic indie number Kuri releases the visuals for melancholic indie number “Human Nature”. The song explores the way people respond to difficult situations from an outside perspective.

There is an instant connection with the singer’s story from the moment the song begins.

Kuri reveals,

“In my life it wasn’t so much about writing my emotions into a song but saying, ‘I responded to these things in this way’. It’s looking into how we try to fill holes in our lives, and how we try to explain and justify those kinds of responses. With this music video we’re definitely playing with those themes. Is the guy madly in love with this woman who seems entirely disengaged? Or is he simply trying to fill his emptiness with something artificial?”

This is storytelling in its purest form , with vivid imagery created by the singer’s sombre yet reflective words.

We hope you enjoyed our January picks. Remember to use the hashtag #IMDiscovers for a chance to be featured in our next roundup.

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