Cali Rodi Returns with Empowering New Single “God Save the Queen”

Cali Rodi is back, bursting into August with a masterclass in pop music.

“God Save the Queen,” released today, is the first single off her upcoming EP. The California-based singer-songwriter previously garnered attention for singles such as “Cake” and “Party Favor.” In fact, Rodi herself likes to think of her newest track as the ‘big sister’ of “Party Favor.”

Cali rodi God save the queen

This characterization is apt. “God Save the Queen” is a more mature sound for the singer. Compared to “Party Favor,” the new track is slower, presenting a more grown-up version of Rodi. Where “Party Favor” is bright and bubbly, “God Save the Queen” is ballad-like in some parts, while maintaining the pop beats Rodi has become known for.

Lyrically, it’s an anthem, emphasizing empowerment. Most people know the phrase “God Save the Queen” to refer to the Royal Family, a song of the same name being the national anthem for the United Kingdom. However, Rodi’s “Queen” is no monarch. Instead, the Queen refers to women everywhere who need their figurative crown to be picked up in the face of societal pressures.

“I’m not asking for attention, just need a little protection,” sings Rodi.  “All this pressure about babies and weigh-ins and driving Mercedes, it’s only driving me crazy.” These are pressures that women know all too well, and sometimes? We just need a little help, a little strength, to get us through, which this song perfectly embodies.

“God Save the Queen” features a fun play on Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret in a spoken-word verse. Rodi asks, “Are you there God? It’s me, Cali. Please watch over me and all my fellow queens, today and everyday. Amen.” It’s a quirky addition, while also emphasizing women standing for each other. 

Cali rodi God save the queen

Rodi’s soon-to-be-released EP has some heavy hitters behind it. Lindgren, known for work with Dua Lipa and BTS, is the producer, and Emily Wright, who has worked with pop superstars Katy Perry and Britney Spears, vocal produced and A&R’d the tracks. 

Keep up with Cali Rodi by following her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

Listen to “God Save The Queen” here:

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