Introducing: Cali Rodi

Cali is an emerging pop artist who splits her time between L.A. & Nashville. Her talents recently caught the attention of country star, Keith Urban, who signed her to a publishing deal. She says her last single, “Party Favor” was the warm-up for her new single, “Cake.” It’s a song about a guy who wants to have it all a.k.a “have his cake & eat it too”

Here’s what happened when sat down to discuss her new music and journey so far

How would you describe your sound?

Pop til I drop!

Tell us about your new song Cake?

Cake is a quirky girl power song that I wrote while I was hanging on to a

guy who refused to commit. He was seeing a ton of other girls but wanted to have me all to himself. He wanted to “have his cake and eat it too.” I love playing with words, and that’s a really common phrase, so it was fun to tell my story using all playful sugary terminology.

You called party favour your warm up single, how does cake build on from that?

In a way, they do go together! Both are very empowering songs and I think both have a similar theme of respecting yourself and knowing what you’re worth.

“Party Favor” was more of a universal message, where “Cake” is more my personal story.

So you signed a publishing deal with the legend that is Keith Urban, how did that come about?

Yes! It’s such a dream. I was playing an event in a parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, and Keith’s business partner’s best friend happened to be in the audience. It’s crazy…you never know who’s watching!

You spend a lot of time in Nashville, is this any indication of a country influence creeping into future music?

I love listening to country music, but I don’t think it’s a genre I’d pursue as an artist at this point. With that being said, I grew up listening to Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, and The Dixie Chicks, so I think that’s where my love of storytelling songwriting comes from. Nashville has such a diverse music scene, and I’m so happy I honed my craft and found my voice there. I lived in Nashville for five years and just recently moved to LA, and feel like I’m really coming into my own as an artist.

If you could open up for any artist in the industry right now who would it be and why?

Honestly it would have to be Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. I feel like those are the two that influenced what I do the most, so to be able to open for either of them would be incredible. Both shows are very cinematic and theatrical, which is something I hope to be able to pull off one day, so to learn from that every night would be amazing. Also, they have the most loyal fans, and I think that is really cool, so to play in front of them would be magical.

Do you have any plans for a tour of your own?

Right now I don’t have any set plans, but that is definitely something I’m

hoping to do in the near future! I would really love to play internationally. One of my big dreams is to play in Paris.

Where can people find your music?

Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube…really anywhere

you can listen to music! It was also added to Apple Music’s “Breaking Pop” and Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Hyptronix” playlists.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

The “Cake” music video will be out very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Also, thank you SO much to everybody who has listened to my music so far. It means everything to me to have you on this journey with me. xo Cali

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