Griff Has Us Feeling Dizzy with Her New Single ‘Vertigo’

If you’ve checked Taylor Swift’s Instagram lately you would have seen her raving about the brand-new track ‘Vertigo’ from Griff. The winner of the BRIT Rising Star award released the deeply personal pop track right at the end of August. The full-hearted tune speaks about the fear of not being good enough for somebody and the soul-searching you do after the fact. Ultimately, you end up looking inward and trying to figure out what you could have done differently.

“The song lists all those reasons why it could be, but it’s also about trying to reassure yourself that there was nothing you could have done to make it better. With the way it crescendos, I’ve always heard it as a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.”


Without a doubt, she describes the feeling perfectly. Evidently, the mesmerising tune takes you on that ride and transports you right into that familiar feeling of questioning. Further playing on the idea of experiencing vertigo, the song’s highs and lows make the overwhelming outburst of emotions spin you around.

Moreover, she has seen ‘Vertigo’ as a new step out of a musical rut, exploring this new sound and running with it. In addition to this tune differing from her previous music, we see a darker, deeper side to the singer’s choice of sound and lyrics. This follows a long time away from home touring with Dua Lipa. Griff reflects on the feeling of keeping your balance when your whole world feels upside down.

Without a doubt, this is the start of a new sound for the sensational artist. Following on from the success of her debut mixtape, ‘One Foot in Front of the Other’. There is much excitement as to what Griff’s next project will be.

You can find Griff on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news stories here.

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