ENIS Releases Powerful Debut EP – ‘E01 Demo Collection’ (Review)

Kurdish-Danish independent avant-garde R&B artist ENIS takes back control of his life with his debut EP – ‘E01 Demo Collection’.

Hailing from Copenhagen, ENIS’ passion for creativity began at a young age. During this time, singing would be his outlet to channel his emotions. He would go on to move to California aged 16 before returning home at 17. However, his return home was not a welcome one. He lost his home and his family because he was living his truth – being a gay man in a Kurdish family. 

While dealing with personal issues, ENIS found himself in London. There he would be rolling with the punches of the music industry. However, during this time, he would become ill and all the people around him who promised him so much would disappear. He would find himself going from country to country, taking on numerous jobs, still crafting his music. He met with numerous producers – recreating production after production for songs he had previously recorded.

Eventually, he decided to detach himself from those who caused him pain. He built his own independent record label – ENISRECORDS. Working independently, he took on the roles of manager, A&R, Creative Director, PR, and a whole lot more.

Sekko, a Dutch producer and friend of ENIS, produced the EP. Created remotely during the COVID pandemic, ‘E01 demo collection’ is a five-track project that covers depression, pain, and self-empowerment.

‘When you’re promised the sky, left with rain, but use the rain to water your garden, that’s what this collection of demos represents.’


Opening the EP is the track – ‘If I want to’. Written at his lowest, this song is the embodiment of ENIS’ drive and resilience. With soulful vocals, it is an empowering ode to believe in yourself and the perfect track to lead off his EP.  The popular track ‘Fadeaway’ is about heartbreak and the neglect ENIS faced from his family. As a result, he wrote this as a reminder not to be anybody’s favourite – wanting to be loved the same way he loves; wholeheartedly.

ENIS conceived ‘Drunk for dinner’ during a dark period of his life. This haunting song tackles his struggle with alcohol addiction, filled with lyrics of a dark nature that are candid about his addiction. The penultimate track, ‘Floor is lava’ demonstrates the singer working his way through his trauma (represented as lava), despite wanting to find a way out. ‘Lavender garden’ ends the EP beautifully as it is a perfect representation of the story the EP is conveying.

Overall, ‘E01 demo collection‘ is a beautiful yet haunting introduction to ENIS. He shows no fear of sharing his trauma and past experiences which has made him the person he is today. He’s fighting back against the pain, alcoholism, heartbreak, homophobia, and a strained relationship with his family. He’s persevered through all of this by taking control of life and living in his truth.

Connect with ENIS on Instagram and stream ‘E01 demo collection‘ right now. Read more of our latest reviews here.

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