Alanna Skye Talks Infidelity & Marriage in New Single – “HCYDI”

Singer-songwriter Alanna Skye dares to challenge the normalizes of infidelity in modern-day marriage with her new single “HCYDI“.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, independent artist Alanna Skye first came into the spotlight in 2019, with her debut single Don’t Call Me Baby. The song was a success and this year was nominated for Best Vocal Performance and Best Original Song at the JMC Cassette Awards.

The 23-year-old singer has been being praised for her innovative music and unforgettable melodic hooks – establishing a unique sound, fusing soul, jazz, and pop. With this type of style and sound, it is unsurprising that some of her influences include the likes of Mahalia and Amy Winehouse. Since her debut, Alanna Skye has released several singles including “Same Guy”, “A Happy Goodbye”, “Boy You Left Behind” and now “HCYDI” will be her fifth single in her catalog.

“HCYDI” aka “How Could You Do It?” is a dance-pop track with a message about infidelity and marriage. Throughout the song, Alanna Skye tells the tale of her partner being unfaithful; breaking the promise they made during their vows. The song’s chorus stands out as Alanna blatantly asks, “How could you do it/Make a commitment/Stick to it“. The song’s lyrics are complemented by Alanna Skye’s strong vocals, resulting in the song having more weight to it and the message being more powerful. She also expresses that it’s hard to find “Honestly and love intertwined” in relationships these days because of issues such as cheating. The song’s overall message is: “If you want to cheat, don’t get married”.

With such an interesting topic about the social norms of infidelity and marriage, hopefully, the thought-provoking song will raise questions about what listeners themselves think about infidelity within marriage or committed relationships.

Listen to “HCYDI” by Alanna Skye:

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