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British R&B Singer James Vickery Releases New Single “Hourglass”

With the sultry R&B collaboration with Musiq Soulchild, “Come to Me”, doing the U.K.’s James Vickery a world of good by aiding his inevitable crossover, the singer/songwriter has released another single entitled “Hourglass” in anticipation of his up and coming album.

Focusing on his distinct vocal performance is made easy by the alluring, stripped down production on the single, provided by the impressive Louis Mattrs. The beat drop bathes listeners in a warm, groovy embrace. EDM elements give the distinctly R&B track a pop appeal that isn’t quite present in his other recent

Lyrics like “waiting till the day is done, I need more than a minute to fill your hourglass” highlight the brilliant songwriting abilities James possesses, weaving double entendres into his words with ease, while also maintaining the gravity of traditional R&B.

Speaking about the track, James shared:

“I wrote this song last year with my dear friends Louis Mattrs (who produced “Until Morning”) and J Warner. I then took the demo to Stint – who I’ve been a huge fan of for years due to his work with Sabrina Claudio and Nao. He turned the song into the sultry R&B track that I always wanted it to be! “Hourglass” details a lustful relationship with a past significant other, and serves as an ode to her incredible physique”

Watch the video for “Hourglass” by James Vickery here and be sure to look out for the album announcements:

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