#IMDiscovers: End Of Year RoundUp

We absolutely cannot believe the time has come for the FINAL #IMDiscovers of the year. We have seen the growth and discovery of many incredible artists during the course of 2018 – but it’s not over yet!

We’ve got one more talent packed instalment to close the year with a bang.

So without further ado here are some of our favourite tunes right now.

Elise Hayes – Float

A beautiful combination of synths and piano “float” presents a haunting, heartfelt number. Elise Hayes latest track “Float” is pure infectious pop.

There are hints of a subtle R&B influence, evidenced by soulful adlibs and effortless riffs.

With an alluring airiness to her voice, this song is one that is easy to listen to time and time again.

During this past year on the road, Elise felt inspired to find her way back to her own music and career as an artist.

“I think I had been in Nashville too long, churning it out behind the scenes in the industry, Having the opportunity to get out into the world and see how powerful music is and how it can bring people together in such a moving way made me fall back in love with performing. It lit me up again.”


Aleisha Lee – What I Want

This high energy dance infused number is ideal for any Christmas playlist.

This is the ultimate feel good anthem and quite frankly a mood for 2019.

The song, which showcases Aleisha Lee’s vocals and bubbly personality, speaks of simply being yourself and not caring what others think.

Now that’s a message I can definitely get behind!

Watch the fun and energetic video below and click on the link to download the single produced by Hitty, which includes the radio and extended version of the track across all streaming platforms!

Kid Tana – Buju Banton

This in artist whose journey I am really looking forward to seeing unfold in 2019.

With a sound that is fresh, confident and energetic this rapper certainly has my attention.

I was particularly drawn in by his seemingly polished lyrical delivery indicating an artist who has really taken the time to develop his sound.

Moha – “LADY”

Whenever Moha is around, a dash of sunshine and memories of home are almost guaranteed.

Naturally, I am huge fan of the storytelling aspect of Moha’s music, which will have you intrigued from the outset of each and every track.

Here in this sensual jazz infused number the singer tells the tale of life after leaving home.

Madison Paris – Rum & Wine

madison paris new single rum and wine

The contemporary R&B track captures Madison’s alluring edge perfectly. The song, which was released in November was launched as part of Footasylum’s recently unveiled Nike Utility Boot campaign.

Teaming up with Sokari for ‘Rum & Wine’, Madison explains

I loved teaming up with Sokari to make this song. I’m half Nevisian and I spent most of my summers there as a child so I would definitely say I’m an Island girl at heart. I’ve always wanted to make something of that influence, it has a real nice tropical vibe to it.” 

Footasylum’s latest campaign focused on Madison’s process and journey as an emerging artist, highlighting the growth of her online presence.

Cheryll – Need You

r&b singer cheryll new single need you

You’ll know from our previous post that we were already huge supporters of the song.

We just enjoyed the song so much that we decided to feature it again.

Cheryll has returned with a brand new 90s inspired video to end the year on a high note – and not just vocally!

Reggie – Holiday Miracle


Who says you can’t have afro flavour at Christmas?

Spiced lattes aren’t the only thing that will have you feeling like warm and fuzzy this holiday season.

With infectious melody lines and soulful vocals this song is bound to brighten up any Christmas playlist and spread the holiday cheer.

Highland Park Collective -Feel Like You Do

Feel Like You Do’ is a beautiful blend of alt rock and indie pop. Featuring husky vocals and an anthemic chorus. Think schools out/end of year party vibes, brimming with feel good energy.

The production on this song is what will really have you hooked with seemless transitions between high catchy choruses and the less instrumentally layered verses.
If you weren’t in the party mood, you definitely will be after this song!

Matt Blvck – Weekend singer matt blvck new single weekendNo stranger to IndustryMe Matt Blvck returns with cuffing season song “Weekend.”With stunning visuals, shot in Atlanta to accompany the anthemic R&B number, Blvck seems determined to finish the year with a bang.

The UK R&B singer, who is irrefutably influenced by usher, takes his sound in a slightly more US inspired direction experimenting with elements of Trap Soul. The song tells the story of a man pursuing a long distance love interest over a three day lapse. Will it all end in heartbreak? Check out the video and find out!

Nonso Amadi – No Crime

A mellow mix of R&B and Afrobeat flavour Nonso Amadi returns with “No Crime”. The mid tempo number will definitely add some spice to your holiday season and is perfect for a bit of end of year relaxation.
The song has a funny way of reminding you of that special someone without being overtly romantic. Sensual and smooth without being sappy; a balance I very much appreciated.
So close your eyes, unwind and let the music move you.

Shafik – Desperado

With melodic production that transcends the confines of genre categorisation, Shafik flow and style is an embodiment of engaging delivery.

In his latest video the rapper explores the battle of good vs. evil depicted beautifully by the stark contrast between light and dark. I was thoroughly impressed by the visuals which made for a creative metaphoric accompaniment.

Shafik shared,

“Desperado is about the balance between good and evil in this world. Growing up, I always loved superhero movies and they made me believe there was black and white sides of good and evil. Once I became an adult with more life experiences, I realized that there is a lot of gray in between good and evil. I talk about one example in the outro of the song; how bad people will donate to make themselves look good, instead of donating to actually help society. Meanwhile, people that don’t have money to donate might pray everyday that those in need can be helped. That doesn’t make them a bad person just because they didn’t donate.”

I feel a genuine sense of excitement when listening to this rapper, whose personality is truly infectious. I look forward to hearing more from him in 2019.

Check out his latest project here!

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