Ibeyi Call On Jorja Smith To Deliver Sensational Single ‘Lavender & Red Roses’

Ibeyi is a duo comprised of twin sisters Lisa-Kainde Diaz & Naomi Diaz, who have been making moves for a while now in the Soul and R’n’B scene. The Parisian twosome is now on the course of a third album ‘Spell 31’ and has already released two tracks including a collaboration with Pa Salieu. Now, they have dropped track number Trois ‘Lavender & Red Roses’ featuring one of the biggest names in UK R’n’B, Jorja Smith.

The track stands out with the soulful beat interspersed with drums, that even has a bit of Hip-Hop influence to give it a bit of oomph. Ibeyi sounds effortless delivering their vocals together, harmonising well, and getting across the message of the track. The song itself focuses on trying to help a partner embrace their love, whilst they are still being tempted by the darkness.

Mixed in with some great contributions from Jorja Smith and expert use of ad-libs and eerie vocal effects, this is another fantastic taste of the LP to come and shows Ibeyi has plenty to offer on the music front.

As for the video, they’ve wanted to stand out here with the religious imagery and use of a desert setting, as Ibeyi and Jorja Smith go to help someone trapped down a well. They pour these red and lavender roses down the well to get his attention, before attempting to bring him to safety and away from the darkness they talk about on the track.

However, there’s a realisation that he can’t be saved, and the rope is cut which sends the man falling back down to the ground, as all three artists watch the roses rise into the sky. This video fits the themes of the track, adding that extra bit of detail to a great track which will make Ibeyi stand out in the music scene and show their capabilities to a larger audience.

Ibeyi is on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok!

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