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Benny Bizzie Delivers Sensual Notes In Drunk N Naked

R&B singer/songwriter Benny Bizzie has released his first video of the year for his sultry new track ‘Drunk N Naked’ and, as the title suggests it’s a saucy one!

The new single details the steamy escapades of two lovers and the visuals help bring this to life with its classy, sensual dark aesthetic. The song’s lyrics reveal the intimacy once shared when Benny sings ‘see when her eyes start rolling, she’s ready to explode’, and the catchy chorus will have you bursting into songs at random times of the day. 

Benny Bizzie did not play when it came to producing this beat! The minimalist instrumental consists of repetitive guitar riffs and penetrative drum grooves to create a sexy, laid-back vibe.

Since the release of his EP titled ‘E-Motion’, Benny has gained huge success with over 250,000 streams on Spotify and 650,000 views on YouTube and has received support from Link Up TV and BBC1 Xtra. It is fair to say Benny Bizzie is getting plenty of attention for his music.

Yearning for more? Benny Bizzie isn’t leaving us hanging, as he plans to release a new EP this summer with more love-themed music to follow.

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