IDLES Make an Anthemic Return on ‘Dancer’

IDLES are pretty well established in the post-punk scene at this point, but ‘Dancer‘ continues in a new direction in terms of sound. The first single from their upcoming fifth LP (TANGK) sees them collaborate with LCD Soundsystem. While the group is no strangers to collaboration, this new track sees elements of disco and dance music mixed in with the hard-hitting edge you expect them.

The track focuses on the rush and energy one gets when on the dancefloor and the infectious chorus gives this single a more poppier appeal. Joe Talbot delivers this message with his usual vigour, showing why he is a highly-regarded lead singer.

While this doesn’t quite have the political message you expect, it’s a great return that leaves many interested in the direction of the new record.

IDLES is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can find more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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