Nippa Shares Magnetic New Single ‘Ocean Drive’

Tottenham rapper Nippa has released his fresh new single ‘Ocean Drive’. Growing up with a taste of R&B, gospel, and reggae, he has a wide range of skills under his belt. It is undoubtedly pushing him further into stardom.

It is apparent for anyone to hear the similar sounds of the early 2000s Usher intertwined with the smooth backing track. Along with his clever lyricism and dance-floor filler style, he continues to cement his position within the music scene. Equally he is celebrated amongst the musicians who share his stomping grounds, including Skepta and JME to name a few.

Although Nippa has only been on the scene for a short while, he has proved his abilities in every project that hits our ears. Firstly he released the single ‘Squeezin’ Ya’, followed by his self-titled debut EP in 2021. However, we saw possibly the most well-rounded and devoted pieces of music in the 2022 EP ‘Not a Statistic’. This daring single is the third released this year from the rapper, accompanied by the next-level ‘Reverse’ and ‘Maddest H**s’. In addition to the alluring new hit, he is joined by friends and a love interest in the playful music video.

Similarly, to Nippa’s signature style, ‘Ocean Drive’ captures the magnetic stylishness the artist has perfected. With these three new singles in mind, we can hope that this is the start of a new project.

You can find Nippa on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces like this one here and watch the video below.

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