#IMBHM: 10 Up-and-Coming Black Artists to Focus Your Attention On

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve compiled a list of ten up-and-coming artists from various genres in the music industry. From R&B to French hip-hop, we’ve curated a selection of exceptional new artists poised to make their mark in the coming years.

Music is an ever-evolving and progressive art form, and these artists are prime examples of the exciting developments taking place in the industry. Let’s delve into their music, style, and aesthetics as they carve their path through the music world.

Jean Deaux

Jean Deaux is an American artist who dabbles in various creative endeavors beyond music. She explores multiple artistic disciplines to share her unique vision. Her songs transcend genres and push the boundaries of production, offering a fresh perspective on well-known styles like hip-hop and R&B. Listen to her vocal technique and production in the song ‘Anytime‘, which seamlessly weaves between sections, providing a distinct style with each transition.

Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana is an American rapper who has been making waves in the music scene since 2019. Having collaborated with Madonna on the song ‘MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL!‘, Santana is on his way to a larger audience. Despite a challenging career journey, including being shot in 2019 in what he believes to be a homophobic incident, his music exudes fearlessness, unapologetic campiness, and sheer fun. Check out his song ‘Booty‘ for a track that you can groove to anywhere.


Kady has been a part of the music scene since 2012 and continues to release beautiful music spanning a wide range of genres. She is one of those artists who effortlessly transitions between emotional ballads and mellow dance hits. Her recent single, ‘Tempu‘, pushes the boundaries of her previous work with its gorgeous vocals and unconventional beats, demonstrating that she still has much to offer.


London-based Odeal has been a prominent figure in the UK R&B music scene for a few years. His sound continually evolves, staying fresh with subtle beats and flowing melodies that create a dreamlike atmosphere. This artist captivate listeners with their harmonious blend of emotions, rhythm, and lyrical flow. His recent track, ‘All That It Takes‘, offers a captivating listening experience.


Amaria showcased her talents with the self-produced single ‘Morning‘ in 2020. Her soothing vocals harmonize seamlessly with slow beats, subtle keys, and a groovy bass that keeps the songs moving. ‘Lying to You‘ from her recent EP, ‘All For You‘, sets the mood for a dimly lit speakeasy, exuding a sense of danger and seductive, soothing melodies.


Paris-based rapper and songwriter Kerchak has been making waves with his unique approach to Jersey drill and grime music. His lyrics cut through the dark, hard-hitting beats of his recent productions, such as his debut album, ‘Confiance‘, released nearly a year ago. The MC keeps things fresh by experimenting with rhyme structures and genre boundaries.

Kwaku Asante

Kwaku Asante has been pursuing a professional music career since 2018, drawing inspiration from gospel and jazz, which is evident in his tracks. Those smooth vocals effortlessly flow over groovy beats, beautiful strings, and atmospheric synths. Asante is an artist to watch as he delves deeper into the R&B genre in the coming years.


London-based singer-songwriter Tamera enchants with her siren-like voice. Bursting onto the music scene with her neo-soul song ‘Romeo‘ in 2019, their music spans the realms of afropop, neo-soul, and R&B. Whether in a soulful, slow track or a groovy one like ‘Poison‘, her voice will keep you captivated.


ENNY has been actively working in the music industry for several years. She gained recognition with her single ‘Peng Black Girls‘ alongside Jorja Smith. Continuing her journey in hip-hop, she crafts beautiful rhymes and melodies that evoke a sense of relaxation. Her most recent EP, ‘We Go Again‘, carries this same energy, with the song ‘Charge It‘ as a standout.

Dreamer Isioma

Dreamer Isioma, a singer-songwriter born in Chicago, primarily focuses on R&B and funk. Slowly rising to prominence, they gained widespread attention with their song ‘Sensitive‘, which went viral on TikTok in 2020. Releasing their debut album in February 2022, Isioma received rave reviews from NME and MTV. Their music conjures a dreamscape with beautiful guitars, bass, and drums accompanying dreamlike vocals, as evident in songs like ‘Bad Ting‘.

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