#IMDiscovers : August Round-up

You already know what’s coming, you’ve been craving it since last month. It is time for the monthly round up of our top ten up and coming tracks, curated by a new face this time. I’m Abbie, and I’ll be standing in for Chloe this month as she gallivants around the Fringe and gets up to more musical mischief. 

‘Nobody’ – Roman Rogue

To start us off, Texan-born R&B singer and songwriter Roman Rogue takes us on a fiery journey with highly-anticipated new song ‘Nobody’. 

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Voicemails’, Roman drops ‘Nobody’, which tells the story of wanting your feelings to be reciprocated from your love interest. An all too familiar feeling for many! 

The songs intense drum beats match well with the sensitivity of the lyrics, a good mix of light and heavy. This is something that Roman does well in his other tracks, and is only improving upon in his new music.

‘Go Time’ – TAYLO

A little closer to home now with British rapper TAYLO who has just dropped his debut single

Go Time’, a funky, fresh hit with all the distinctive sounds to make it perfect for nightclubs up and down the country. 

The music video is very Fast and Furious-esque with shots of racing supercars trailed by a helicopter and TAYLO in the garage geared up in racing attire grooving alongside some amazing dancers. 

This song pairs the likes of hip hop, trap and R&B to make it the perfect blend of all the genres that the UK do so well. TAYLO may just be starting out in the British scene but he is a name to watch out for in the months to come.

Running Free’ – Fox and Bones

Time to go off the beaten track slightly and check out folk-pop due Fox and Bones who recently released their new single ‘Running Free’. 

As the title of the track suggests, this song is all about freedom and allowing mistakes to happen as they only further progress and help you create better memories with the good times. 

Scott Gilmore and Sarah Vitort both decided to create alternate personas of ‘Fox’ and ‘Bones’ in order to have a more narrative approach to writing and tour life. Vitort is ‘Fox’ and Gilmore is ‘Bones’, and together they travel the country, perform and push their relationship to the extremes. 

Therefore, a song about free flowing whimsical adventure is exactly the type of song what duo can produce and perform. 

‘Hold on for the Night’ – WOLVES

Another switch of genres here for LA-based, fresh twosome Marc Avery and Sean Carney who make up the band WOLVES. Their new single, ‘Hold on for the Night’, breaks the boundaries of pop music, into something they have dubbed ‘Surf Trap’.

The vocals in ‘Hold on for the Night’ are like velvet on the ear and the addictive beat will have everybody’s head bopping and toes tapping to this track. It is almost infectious to sing along to, even if you barely know the lyrics, and those are the best types of songs.

WOLVES will be a name to keep in mind, as I don’t doubt we will be seeing these American boys at a few UK festivals next year.

‘Crush’ – Tyreese ft. Zion B

Everybody had that high-school crush that you couldn’t even look in the eye, right? Well, 

Tyreese has and he makes his feelings known alongside fellow artist Zion B in ‘Crush’. A laidback, summer anthem, Tyreese takes us back to the days of crushing on a cutie at school and vying for their attention. 

In the music video, both Tyreese and Zion B have used their history of dancing to their advantage here, switching from shots of them chilling with their crushes to solo shots of them showing off their best moves and jamming along to the beat. 

These two are set to only go up from here, and I am so excited to hear the next collaboration.

‘If You Go I Go’ – India Newland

Another home-grown artist here as London-based India Newland drops her new EP ‘Fighter’, which features the single ‘If You Go I Go’.

The easy-listening, smooth track centres around needing a certain person in your life and following them wherever life takes you. The singer, despite her age, has been performing and writing music for five years and has just recently done a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Other tracks on the EP include ‘Fire’ and ‘Midnight Thoughts’. It sheds more of a generational light on mental health issues and is definitely one to slot into your daily playlist.

‘We Could Be’ – Chelsea Blues

If you were looking for the song of the summer, look no further than jazz singer and soul artist Chelsea Blues and her new song ‘We Could Be’.

The song tells the perfect tale of hoping for a summer romance, that could be so much more than just a casual fling. Paired with sultry vocals and winding rhythms, it is the perfect tune to get down to with your mates in a party setting. 

For more from Chelsea Blues be sure to check out ‘Emotional Availability’ and ‘Waves’. 

‘Brand New Day’ – Sidiq

If you need a song that is both sad and uplifting in the same way, then Sidiq’s new acoustic single ‘Brand New Day’ is the one for you

Telling the tale of leaving the past behind and opening your eyes to a brand-new day, it is the perfect mix of sadness and happiness. With heavenly harmonies and soft guitar, it is one of the chillest acoustic songs I have ever listened to.

With the promise of more songs coming in late 2019 and early 2020, Sidiq is not an artist you’d want to miss!

‘Rushing Remix’ – Alicai Harley x Kojo Funds

No summer would be completed without a remix of a song, and this summer isn’t any different. Jamaican-born Alicai Harley, also known as ‘Hot Shot’, has collaborated with well-known British rapper Kojo Funds to remake her already smash-hit single ‘Rushing’.

A unique song with the premise of ‘rushing’ for someone’s love and affection, both Alicai and Kojo’s home-grown roots are shown through this song. Kojo’s West African background blends perfectly with Alicai’s Jamaican roots to create a diverse song. 

With both BBC 1Xtra and Capital Xtra listing Alicai as one to watch in 2019, it is only sensible to keep an eye on what she has coming up next.

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