#IMMusicMonday: Inaya Day Talks New Single, Chicago Pride, and More

If you’re familiar with the dance scene, chances are you know Inaya Day. She’s become a staple in the industry for more than 20 years now and clearly has no intentions of slowing down. Not only did she recently released her latest single “One World,” a track to make you both dance and think, but she also headlined Chicago Pride in June, cementing herself as a legend in the business.

IndustryMe recently had the opportunity to chat about this dance icon about her new song, her legacy, and what’s in store for her – and, as a result, her fans.

What does “One World” mean to you? What inspired you to record it? 

In this divisive climate, ‘One World’ is a reminder of what we are, and what we wish to continue to be. It promotes the “love thy neighbour as thyself” concept. 

I love how “One World’ is fast-paced, something to dance to, while still managing to have a strong message. What do you want listeners to get out of the track? 

I want listeners to feel good about this world we live in, and about each other. I want it to be a reminder that human beings are more alike than different. I want the listeners to feel good about those things and be incited to dance.

You recently headlined Chicago Pride. What was that experience like? 

It was amazing. I’ve done it about 9 or 10 times and the energy is always palpable with a huge, effervescent crowd who actually LOVE music and the artists who create and perform it.

You were named one of Billboard’s Greatest Top Dance Club Artists – did you always want to record dance music? 

No – I was in R&B and hip-hop at first. I had recorded for jazz projects, musical theatre projects, and gospel before I fell into dance music. I’ve always been a house music head and would only go to clubs that offered house sets but never thought I’d be a dance artist. Woo hoo! 

You’ve worked with some pretty memorable artists to say the least, from Queen Latifah to P. Diddy. Do you have any favourite memories? 

I have some great memories from them all but what sticks out the most for me is recording and touring with MC LYTE, then Bootsy Collins. The first time that I was ever chased to the tour bus was when I was on the road with Bootsy’s New Rubber Band. Oh, and I can’t forget the time that Michael Jackson sent us a reference demo with him just mumbling out the song while eating chips or something. It’s refreshing to know that we had that inside experience.

For the past 20 or so years, you’ve become a staple in the dance scene, clearly with no signs of slowing down. What can we expect from you in 2019? 

This year, I have lots more music to come with some really awesome and merited producers. I’ve reunited with MrTimothy, will have My first release with Tony Moran, I wrote a great song with Joe Gauthreaux that’s soon to be released, I co-wrote with Shaggy’s hit-maker Sting International and will be releasing that single soon, I’ll be co-hosting Ultra Nate’s Deep Sugar event at the ADE in Amsterdam. I’m also looking forward to releasing a song from my label written by Me and produced by a great South African DJ called Master Fale. All good things!

Do you have any final shout outs or plugs? 

Special thanks to all of the event producers, DJs, agents, publicists, and music-lovers who have supported me for the past 24 years of my dance music career. You are very much appreciated.

Clearly, this musical icon is ready for the future, and fans should be excited! To keep up with all the latest on Inaya Day, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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