#IMDISCOVERS March Roundup

It’s that time of the month again where we at IndustryMe share with all you lovely readers our top 10 picks for this month! As a short introduction, I’m Chloe, your new playlist curator. I am super excited to get started and round off the best of March.

Ricardo Williams feat Teedra Moses  Come Over 

Back with his first single of 2019, R&B artist Ricardo Williams shares with us “Come Over” featuring the R&B queen that is Teedra Moses. After listening to this, I’m so excited for Williams’ EP to be released, titled Intermission. Along with the strong R&B beats that are present in this piece, we also have the powerful vocals of Teedra Moses, making this a truly excellent combination. Williams is not one to be missed, only set to get bigger this year after his many achievements in 2018.  

Sophie Griffiths – Beauty 

Emerging Essex pop sensation Sophie Griffiths is one to watch! Having started out busking on the streets of her hometown, she has now bloomed and has released her new single ‘Beauty’. This is one that I can’t stop listening to and I highly recommend everyone else to listen to also. Griffiths has gone on to perform at many establish venues in London (despite only being 16!), as well as receiving radio exposure from BBC. Having grown in such a short period of time, she is definitely one to watch! 


The Shakes  Heaven (Doesn’t Seem So Far Away) 

If you’re in need of some positivity and a new outlook on life, this new single from The Shakes is definitely for you. Based in Los Angeles, The Shakes have presented to us ‘Heaven (Doesn’t Seem So Far Away’. I feel this song to be relevant, as it tries to promote a lighter hearted way of viewing life, when things seem difficult and overwhelming. Nothing beats a raw acoustic guitar, and it’s something I felt was really prominent throughout the song. Overall, it was uplifting and something different to listen to. 

Maria Drea – I Am 

We are heading into the depths of South London now, experiencing the R&B soul. 23 year old singer/songwriter Maria Drea has released a fantastic new single. Brought out on the 22nd of March, the song has a good sound and vibe. I especially liked how smooth it was throughout and the vocals themselves had a lot of soul.  

The Mustoes  Twenty 

From the West Midlands, we have five piece alt-pop band The Mustoes. Something I immediately picked up on with this band was the unique, electronic sound they have. This is a sound that I personally enjoy thoroughly, and The Mustoes do not disappoint! The band have been working on their first EP, releasing the single Twenty on the 20th of March. This tune provides a strong mix of electronic and modern beats which will attract any listener.  

Poison and The Cure – Talk to Me 

This song is all about the visuals and colour. With their highly anticipated music video now being released, the song is now even more brought to life. It’s certainly a toe tapper which will get anyone up boogying on the dance floor in no time. It is an R&B hit that I expect will be hitting the underground club scene in no time.  

Shae Universe – Misunderstood 

Something we are immediately captured by with this artist is her deep, soul voice. It is so unexpected! All of us at Industry Me were immediately captured by the first few notes of this piece, with Shae showing how diverse and dynamic her voice can be with a few high notes featuring in the opening of the track. We definitely didn’t misunderstand what Shae Universe was trying to get at with this tune! 

Circa Waves  Passport 

Our favourite Liverpudlian indie rock band return with new single Passport. Circa Waves are back at it with their lighthearted, fun-loving tunes that everyone can fall in love with and relate to. Releasing this new single off of their new album ‘What’s it Like Over There?’, Passport brings with it touching vocals and a wholesome vibe. The album will be released on the 5th of April.  

Tame Impala – Patience 

Psychedelic rock is on our radar with Tame Impala’s new disco infused track. It’s definitely different to their previous track list with 70’s disco being heavily played throughout. Tame Impala’s signature synth is still prevalent throughout however, so the band are still sticking to their roots! 

Vampire Weekend (feat Steve Lacy) – Sunflower 

Vampire Weekend are BACK! You heard us, Vampire Weekend have returned with a Summer bop and have given us Sunflower. This song is a true representation of what Vampire Weekend are all about, with happy melodies and feel good sounds. Can’t wait to see what else this young band bring us next!  

And that is it for our March monthly round up! We hope you have found something new to listen to and to get you up dancing. 

For all the latest music make you are following the #IMDiscovers Spotify Playlist, which I will be updating weekly:

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