#IMDiscovers: The Message In The ‘Quiet’

Close your eyes and allow the velvet vocals of Grace May to take your breath away. So pure and dainty ‘Quiet’ will leave you feeling as though you are dancing on air.

For those three minutes fifty four seconds the world simply stops.

The acoustic guitar gently caressing the piano melody as Grace delivers a mesmerising vocal performance.

So light and effortless that if you close your eyes while listening, you may just believe that you’re floating.

Whilst the opening guitar riffs evoke memories of India Irie and Heather Headley, the clarity and passion with which Grace sings places her in a lane that is entirely her own.

The subtle rasp when she hits her upper register is nothing short of captivating.

In a deep sea of emotion embedded within in soulful whispers, ‘Quiet’ conveys feelings of loneliness.

The song, explores the internal battle of not wanting to burden friends and family with your worries, so instead choosing to struggle in silence.

It was important for instrumentation to sonically mirror these feelings of isolation as Grace explains:

I wanted the instrumentation to be as raw as the lyrics”.

For the 22 year old Toronto native the vision is much bigger than herself. With the hope to help others going through a similar feelings of loneliness, the R&B singer-songwriter hopes that others to acknowledge that even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, things will in time get better and to never be afraid to talk to someone.

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