#IMDiscovers The Female Takeover – 5 Ladies You NEED On Your Playlist

Cheryll – Need you

Cheryll returns a brand new Boy-Bye R&B infused number. There is certainly some very nice vocal production on this song, but what really caught my attention was everything post 2nd beat drop.

R&B singer Cheryll and her brand new single need you

The switch up in her vocal melodies, the confidence and swagger with which she sang and of course the dainty harmonies that I’ve grown love all worked well here.

Being used to hearing Cheryll on more ballad like arrangements this was an unexpected, yet welcomed change. I look forward to hearing her explore more of this sound in the future.

Cali Rodi – Elevator

Cali Rodi

Speaking of experimenting with new sounds, it appears pop princess Cali Rodi, has swaped all things sweet for something with a little more edge on her latest single.

The singer takes the opportunity to explore more emotional depth with her new song elevator.

The song speaks of longing for the spark to return to a relationship and has some powerful moments which tease the true extent of Cali’s vocal ability. If this song is any indication of where her sound is heading next I am incredibly excited for 2019.

Shiraz – Done The Dirty


Next on the list an artist who is very new to me and only recently popped up on my radar, but boy am I glad she did.

Think Birdy and Bridget Mendler but with a more raw swagger and a sprinkle of jazz inspiration. Can you picture it yet? That’s how I would describe Shiraz’s sound.

With unique and ever so effortless vocal stylings, Shiraz tells the all too familiar story of woman who has been hard done by, by her partner.

This is definitely one I’ll have on repeat.

J Fresh ft Madders Tiff – Oh My

Speaking of songs with great replay value, Oh My by J fresh featuring the incredible Madders Tiff is bound to have you screaming reload.

The high energy track complete with Hip-Hop synths and deep bass drops, has me feeling a little nostalgic. I can’t help but hearing a delivery and bravado remeniscent Of Lioness in the “Good for a Girl” era.Madders Tiff

Madders Tiff’s delivery was both punchy and impactful adding a great flare to J fresh’s production. The rapper came through with just the right ferocity to match The epic instrumental from J Fresh.

Not to be corny but as it’s title suggest this track will undoubtly leave you saying “Oh my” indeed.

Jenaux ft T-Elle – Could This Be Love


Last but by no means least we have Jenaux and T-Elle.

Sunset funk, is exactly how I would describe this midtempo wonder.

Jenaux ft T-Elle with new funk classic could this be love

This track is a beautiful synergy of sounds combing 70s funk with modern day electro pop. The end result? A smooth song that is great for Friday night on the dance floor or a late night drive.

T-Elle’s sassy vocal rendention gave life to Jenaux’s production, creating a beautiful fusion of genres.

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