#IMDiscovers: 9 Artists You NEED To Hear Right Now

Most Original – Stonebwoy ft Sean Paul

The Caribbean in me leaped for joy when I heard this song which spreads nothing but positivity and good vibes.

Stonebwoy and Sean Paul brought a great vibrancy to this dancehall number.

This collaborations not only represents a meeting of minds but one of Cultures bringing together two icons from both the African and Caribbean dancehall scenes.

A fun song with beautifully authentic visuals and genuine sense of cultural unity – who could ask for more?

Arctic lake – What You May Find

In three years, London trio Arctic Lake have achieved a number of career making accolades.

Now having confirmed their status as a burgeoning up and coming act worth keeping a close eye on, the trio comprised of Emma Foster, Paul Holliman, and Andy Richmond are returning with the next piece of their discography on sophomore EP titled ‘What You May Find.’ 

A Melchonic song with mesmerising vocals, this song is one that will make you stop what you are doing and just listen.

In an age where we are constantly moving tracks like this that make you pause and simply appreciate the beauty in music are hard to come by.

Beautifully haunting this song does exactly that accompanied by poignant lyrics and sweeping melodies, telling the emotional tales of our very human existence.

Jason Ewald – Looking Everywhere

NYC soul-pop singer-songwriter Jason Ewald has release a brand new single entitled “Looking Everywhere”. The song details the harsh realities of city living, with a clear nod to 60s in its melody lines.

This song reminded me of the type of music Gregory Porter would make, honest real and soulful. The reflective jazz infused number showcased Jason’s rich vocal tone as well as well as having well balanced elements of his falsetto.

The perfect track for an evening of relaxation – thank me later.

Listen on Bandcamp

Heren Wolf – Gave You Flowers

Beautifully haunting. The vocal on this track caught me completely off guard. Heren Wolf’ s unique voice danced across the songs simple melody and with ease. A simple melancholic echo of the singers grief and acceptance of loss, the songs lyrics are simple yet healfelt, with the effective use of falsetto convey hue deep sense of pain

This sounds like a song that could have easily have made ‘The originals’ soundtrack.

If you enjoy the vocal stylings of artists Like Anders, Or JP Cooper you will love Heren Wolf

With a sound described as being a heterogeneous mixture of cinematic, soul with electro-pop elements creating a dark, melancholic landscape, it comes as no surprise that singer was able to effective convey his pain

Night Lights – Talk To Me

Grab your dancing shoes and take a walk down memory lane with the brand new single from Night Lights.

Talk To Me’ is a hooky indie pop/ alt rock song with infectious lyrics, jangly guitars and driving drums.

The undeniable waves of nostalgia will have you longing for the days of high school crushes and first loves.

A high energy feel good track that brings all the best elements of several genres together, “Talk To Me” is definitely a great one for the radio, and one I anticipate will do very well streaming wise.

I know I’ll certainly be adding it to my Spotify playlist!

Political peak – One Step

This track is one that has been splitting opinions.

For the first 30 seconds I didn’t get it. But once I got passed the fact that this wasn’t what I was expecting, I began to appreciate the tune for what it was. Miles ahead of its time.

Political Peak has clearly transitioned from the artist we once knew and I am totally here for it.

Let’s face it the rap game is over saturated and being able to stand out from the competition is hardly a bad thing.

The song had a slightly dark and unnerving sound which I surprisingly liked. The real intrigue however was inspired by Political Peak’s catchy hook and great vocal delivery.

This artist definitely has my attention after this song, I look forward to seeing where goes from here.

Kabzzz – If I Was Your Man

Kabzzz releases the perfect summer send off with the dancehall inspired anthem “If I Was Your Man”. Featuring singer Daecolm, who compliments Kabzzz’ melodic flows with silky vocals, and renowned production group Anti Wave (whose credits include B Young’s hit Jumanji).

What I love about this song is that while it is clearly a dancehall inspired track, it doesn’t lose its UK essence. Very few artists have been able to strike this balance so it is definitely something I can appreciate.

The production was smooth and indicative of Anti Wave’s signature sound.

This track is exactly what we needed to bid farewell to summer, with the accompanying visuals being an added bonus.

OMZ Trapstar ft Kwamz – Stop Flexin

In the follow up to his last single ‘Never Boring’ Omz Trapstar grows from strength to strength showcasing his ability on this Afrobeats inspired track, accentuated by an intriguing delivery and of course great lyrics.

I knew I liked this track within the first 10 seconds. I was immediately drawn in by the unusual chord progression in the intro and was completely sold by the hook.

Omz Trapstar strikes me as a rapper that is determined to do things different by constantly pushing the creative envelope. I anticipate great things for the future and cannot wait to see what he does next.

St Humain – Fever Vibe

Perhaps I was saving the best til last with this brand new song from Singapore artist, St. Humain.

Fever vibe combines the singers electro pop sensibilities with an urban edge, creating a catchy relatable midtempo number

St. Humain reminisces about the early sparks of a relationship – It’s that universal feeling, one which tugs on everybody’s unique experiences with their own flames

His highly anticipated debut EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA arrives January 2019. I for one cannot wait.

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