#IMExclusive: Maike Premieres New Single “Sorry”

Do you have your eyes (and ears) on Maike? If not, you probably should. IndustryMe’s review on her earlier single “Blinded By” can help you get acquainted.

Like what you hear? Then you won’t be disappointed by this piece of news:  the London-based singer is releasing her newest track “Sorry,” and we have all the details.

“Sorry” looks to repeat Maike’s earlier success, and by the sounds of it, it certainly will. Strong melodies, vibrant sound…it would be surprising if you don’t have the music stuck in your head after one listen.

The track features a theme we can all relate to: the struggle of admitting fault. In “Sorry,” Maike deals with a partner who just can’t admit they did wrong, and the song is clearly represents how hard that really is. Chances are you’ve been in a situation just like this, and we all know it doesn’t feel too good.

Right from the start, Maike sets the tone for the track with the lyrics, “Yeah, you say I’m never right and you’re never wrong.” We all have that person in our lives who “never says the word ‘sorry.’”

Through “Sorry,” Maike works through the challenges of being with someone whose ego Promo shot 22knows no bounds. She sings, “Don’t forget me when you’re
famous, never had to work hard to make it.” On one hand, the line is funny – don’t we all know that spoiled person who seems to have had everything handed to them? These entitled people are always the ones who can never admit any faults, all while expecting someone else to take the blame for everything.

But on the other hand, it cuts deep. How many of us put in the work, day after day, and get little recognition? Meanwhile, we watch as others get all the rewards. It’s an experience so many of us know all too well, which make “Sorry” all the more enjoyable.

Maike shared the motivation behind the song: “Late summer nights, arguments over the phone, and boys who can’t say sorry.” Sometimes, inspiration is that simple.

If you’re looking for a song to end your summer on a high note, this is the one. It’s catchy, but don’t let that fool you: a bop can be meaningful too. The lyrics and music are both fresh and ear-catching.

These elements all contribute to what makes “Sorry” so great and what makes Maike a superstar in the making. 

To keep up with Maike, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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