Maike Ghost-Drives Right Through Pop Music (And Makes It Out Even Stronger)

LONDON, STAND UP! The home-girl Maike has decided to alter the archetype with an exclusive of her fifth single release! IndustryMe couldn’t be prouder to introduce ‘Blinded By’ – a fawning electro-pop hit about a venomous relationship that cuts, crashes, burns and summersaults into its demise.

After her previous singles have made multiple charts and playlists in both the UK and the US, Maike now recounts the feels from a relationship that revolved around empty promises and instability – blinded by a love like no other, motivated by manipulation which is relevant for many (and appearing far too frequently for others). Much as it’s more than okay to be brave.

When asked about the meaning behind the song Maike shared:

“Just imagine you drive in your car down the highway and all of the sudden you take a wrong turn and end up going the wrong way of the road. You see blinding headlights coming towards you, that threat to crash into you, but somehow you manage to drive a parkour through them all and make it.

That’s basically how I felt being in a past relationship with someone very exciting but unpredictable and manipulative. It felt so good that I forgot everything around me and didn’t see the warning signs just as in this metaphorical example.”

German ghost-driving may lead to destruction! However, that’s not the case for this sovereign-in-the-making. ‘Blinded By’ takes us through chapters of our lives we’d rather forget in something syrupy, influenced by American pop, captured by hard synth, the odd electric guitar shred and live-sounding hats.

Maike debuts new single blinded by

Maike further revealed that this single talks of

“Dangerous Love. Wrong directions – but somehow they feel right”

and she’s currently creating some more brand spanking new material with a multitude of producers and creatives from reputable stables such as BMI, Sony ATV Music and Phrased Differently.

When asked about her future plans Maike stated:

“My plans for the future are building my following and creating a strong relationship with the people that connect with my music.

There is also lots of live performing planned for the summer and (very exciting) my first writing trip to Los Angeles this year as well. I have lived

in the US for a while and always love coming back, especially when it’s for music.

BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) in London has given me incredible support in the past months, which lead to collaborations with songwriters and producers from Sony ATV and Phrased Differently, so there is a lot of new music on the way which I will release over the year and hope to reach more and more people with every song to spread my name and do big things 🙂

In case you out there wanna help, just start following me, say hi and keep in touch- I swear I’m funny and always responding”

Follow Maike on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all her latest updates or just to keep an ear on the ground!

If you’re more into a live feel, she’ll be out in front at London’s Camden Assembly on the 19th of April.

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