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R&B/Neo-Soul Singer Ada B makes a return after her compelling four-track EP ‘A Dreamers Addiction.’ Her talent has been recognized on playlists such as the MOBO Awards #TheConnect playlist, plays and interviews on local and national radio stations such as Fubar Radio, Reprezent Radio, and BBC 1XTRA. 

IndustryMe caught up with Ada B to discuss her journey and more.

You probably first appeared on everybody’s radar after being crowned miss face of east Africa UK. What pushed you to enter?

I didn’t enter. The founders of the pageant found me on social media and asked me to partake. I was never into modelling and had little, to no knowledge on pageants, so it took me a little while to think about it before agreeing. Nonetheless, I am so glad I did because it boosted my confidence greatly and gave me the push I needed to take my music career more seriously and complete my first project. 

What did you take away from that experience?

One thing that I took away from this experience is that God makes no mistakes. Throughout the pageant, despite my inexperience, I had so much fun because I got to learn about myself and what I was really capable of. It pushed me to do things that I was very uncomfortable with such as walking in a swimsuit and public speaking. Things I haven’t done since a teenager because I was feeling inadequate within. God used this platform to not only remind me of my worth but to remind me just how much He loves me. I didn’t think I would win but I always felt like a winner simply because I trusted God to make sense of the situation instead of trying to have it all figured out.

Has anything you’ve learned helped you in your music career?

Absolutely. From around the age of 17 I became very introverted and to myself and followed a simple routine – work, school, work, school. I didn’t make much time for myself at all or the things I wanted to do. If I was not at work or school I was just with my best friend, boyfriend or family. These were my safe spaces. However partaking in the pageant made me realise just how big and beautiful the world is and although we are all so flawed as human beings, not everyone is set out to hurt you. There are people who will support and uplift you endlessly for no other reason other than wanting to see the best in you/for you. A year before the pageant I released my first single and got a glimpse of this but I was not able to perceive it that way because of my past experiences. Hence why it took me another year to release my first project. However, after the pageant, my confidence grew and I was able to interact with my supporters and this saw my support grow even more and more opportunities to perform, host, present awards, model etc. were being presented.

How did you transition from that competition to beginning a career in music?

I had begun making and releasing music a year before but the pageant did help with my confidence and enable me to believe in my talent and be consistent.

Let’s get into “Already Know”. The song definitely has that old school vibe, what inspired you to write it?

It happened and I wrote about it. I went through a situation I hadn’t been in before and didn’t quite understand it. As writing has always been, since I was a child, a way that helped me express myself, I just did the same thing here. So now when I hear the song back, I’m like to myself “wow, I was played. Never again!”. Writing is therapeutic for me so I really do love listening to the end product; when my thoughts come together and I can see more clearly from the other side what I’ve experienced, how it made me feel and what I can do moving forward. 

Is the song’s style indicative of the type of music you plan to make in the future?

R&B yes, the style not so much. I am pretty versatile but I have experienced quite a number of setbacks that haven’t yet allowed me to express this just yet. Nonetheless, I always persevere, so I know in time everyone will get a better understanding of why I do music through my music. That being said, “Already Know” is a single off of my new project coming out in a couple of weeks. I think the variety in songs will definitely make some people uncomfortable because it strays away from what they have been comfortable hearing me sing. Nonetheless, R&B is a genre that mainstream audiences don’t quite understand especially with how it’s being portrayed in the UK today. Hence I hope through what I do, people will get a fresh perspective on the genre.

If you could collaborate with any UK artist right now who would it be and why?

I have actually said this in almost every interview since I started and that would be Ella Mai. I discovered her on Instagram when she started her 15 second viral videos and loved her ever since. She is not an over complicated artist. She is simple from her vocal delivery to her writing but she know hows to make a song that you can relate to and vibe to. I have always loved that about her and felt like we’d write a great song together.

What are your thoughts on UK R&B right now?

I could say a lot but I won’t. Every artist I grew to love moved to the US and that put me off wanting to discover new UK R&B artists until Soundcloud came along. I think it’s in need of a complete reformation and I am going to do my best to aid in that. Without getting into the politics of the music industry in the UK, there are an abundance of R&B artists here, so in theory it makes no sense why it isn’t an established sound in the UK. 

What makes you stand out from the other artists within your genre?

I am me and there’ll never be another me, that’s my advantage. Some people will read that like “who does she think she is?” and my answer will always be “exactly who God made me”.

I believe the problem with artists of today is once a sound becomes “trendy” or popular everyone jumps on the bandwagon, then you have 50 artists who sound like they’ve all got a verse on the same song. It’s boring. Be yourself. 

What can we expect from you this year?

A lot! Stay tuned on the socials @iamadab on Instagram/Soundlcoud/Twitter to hear/see what I’ll be getting up to.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Always God; my mum, my bestfriend Fatlum, XVR BLCK and Gabs. Love them loads! 

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