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How To SLAY All Your Photos Without An Expensive Pro Camera [Guest Post]

Hey there fabulous people! My name is Lena and I’m from lenaDeeXO! Today’s special is brought to you courtesy of iPhone and their hella amazing cameras! Shout-out to Apple for holding me down since forever. Okay let’s hop to it! I love photography in addition to anything that brings out my artsy side and from time to time I share my photos on my Twitter. That’s how the lovely Ray (thanks again for the cool opp hun) managed to see a couple shots I posted from my New York Series and reached out for me to do this little fab guide.

As an oh-so recent college grad pressed for cash I believe in budgets and sales, hence why I always try to get creative in everything I do without having to splurge ever so often. When I first started my blog I was a little disheartened that I didn’t have a camera to take pics like all the other popular and cool bloggers out there but I didn’t let that hinder my passion. I soon realized with the right level of flair and “can do” spirit, the perfect photo is just a click of a button away


You know how people say “fake it til you make it“? Well yeah, that can go for almost anything…Before you listen to all the influencers telling you to spend some heavy coins to get a picture perfect moment, let’s try to maximize on what you have and become a boss at it! So how do I take banging photos that scream blogger and cool kid on the block?! Here are a few of my best tips and tricks!

  1. Lighting is Your Best Friend!

    I know! I know! Tell you something new, but really how much do you understand by lighting? One of the key problems people have taking a great photo is poor lighting. You can have a great “high end” pro cam but terrible lighting will not show its best features. The best type of lighting you can possibly utilize is natural light! The sun can be glorious once used wisely and depending on the kind of photo you want.

    When I take my pics I try to bear in mind time of day, due to time of day you have factors like shadows and sweating through your makeup for the perfect #ootd outfit pics to consider. Obviously this tip is best for outside flicks or window captured selfies like my pic above. In cases where you can’t get at the sun, use indoor beam lights or spotlights and for you makeup gurus you can use your ring lights. if you don’t have any indoor lights you can always look to Amazon to find amazing deals. These pictures below are an indoor shot I took (at night) for my friend to help her advertise some of her clothing items. We used one ring lighta backdrop, and our good phone camera. Not too shabby right?

  2. Edit Your Hearts Out

    You see all those photographs you glorify on the gram or in fashion magazine? EDITED! The best of the best spend endless time cleaning up and fine tuning photos to perfection, your camera can not do all of the work for you. Take the title to this point lightly, practice editing your pics and comparing them to your previous work to figure out your style and what works best for the kind of shot you take. Honestly, I hate to see pictures over edited, they take away form the beauty of the shot and can come across tacky. Remember LESS IS MORE, simply look for things in your photo you want to mildly enhance, make sharp or simply brighten.

    e above are two before and after pics I took of majestic beaches in Barbados! Sometimes your camera, due to pixels, may not see the richness before you. For nature shots, especially as it speaks to ambiance of the day or moment I want to portray, I tend to make the colors pop or I deepen their tone. Key editing tools that help are: saturation, exposure, contrast, temperature or tint (white balance), hue and lightness. I not only take my photos with my phone but I use phone apps to edit. Some of my faves are : VSCOAfterlightFactune/Airbrush (great for makeup shots and editing the blemishes) and Snapseed.

  3. Find Your Angles and Consider Perspectives!

    An angle can make or break a photo so as Britney Spears best states “You better work bi**h!” Finding the right angle doesn’t come easy, you have to play around with your camera and understand what you are trying to capture. For selfies, it’s good to take from an angle slightly above and not face on; for landscape pics, determine what the pinnacle point you see and wish to highlight; food photos taking directly above aren’t always necessary, your reader may want to see a view slightly lower to envision how appealing the meal looks sitting before you. 

    Bonus tip: to optimize selfie pixels, if you’re a pro at taking selfies flip from your front to back camera. The outer camera on phones always have more pixels and makes for a cleaner shot to edit.

  4. Keep Snapping like your life depends on it!

    I’m just kidding…or am I? Sometimes you don’t get the shot you need the very first time and to prevent breaking your photo ready momentum, take a few snaps of each pose or area and sort them later after your mini photo-shoot. It may be tiresome but you always know at first glance if a photo is a hit or miss. Also if you are not the one talking your pic, this point is great for your friends/fam to adhere to. They will never know what you are trying to capturing so they should take as many snaps possible for you to filter through. If you don’t have a willing friend to go on adventures and take pics for you, having a tripod surely helps!

    Whew! Now that was a rant haha! I hope I didn’t bore any of you lovely dolls reading this and I also hope it was insightful. Remember this one rule for sure: be confident in what you do and practice, practice, practice! No one becomes great overnight so play around with your camera and their features.

    For me, I like iPhone because of the camera but I know many Samsung users who like their cameras too. And most importantly, NEVER let money deter you from doing something you love. Before I had my XR, I was using my iPhone 5s and I still managed to get fantastic shots.

    I’ll drop a few more photos below that a lot of people are amazed I got taken with my phone.

Photo taken using iPhone 5s

Hopefully, this post inspires you to be your best self and hopefully, it encourages me to finally use my Instagram to showcase my photos people seem to love. It’s been a nice chat and I had mad fun writing this. If you’d like more tips or just want to hang in this virtual world check out my socials and give me a buzz!




Taken with iPhone 7 back camera using selfie stick and is unedited!

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