#IMMusicMonday: KVNG Is Holding On To ‘Wrong One’

With a new name and brand new music KVNG returned to the UK R&B scene with the release of his track ‘FaceTime‘ earlier this year. Ready to secure his position within the UK R&B resurgence he releases highly anticipated follow up single ‘Wrong One’.

Deviating from the themes explored in his previous track, ‘Wrong One’ discusses feelings of compunction, with subtle undertones of longing appearing to be the common thread which ties this single to the last. Anyone else sensing an EP concept brewing? 👀

From the very first phrase it is apparent that KVNG has taken the time to work on his sound both musically and vocally, during his hiatus.

While much has changed the R&B vocalist sprinkled a few of his famed adlibs throughout the song, to let the old school fans know that despite the the development he is still very much himself. This ode to his former material and nod to the fans was definitely a welcomed touch.

‘Wrong One’ sees the singer playing more with his upper vocal range, using his falsetto as the climax to the crescendo of sentiments depicted on the song.

These emotional arcs were beautifully reflected within the melody lines of the production detail.

And the devil really is in the detail with this song. On first listen the song, co-produced by SM, RBKeyz, RedOnTheBeat & KVNG himself, appears to be a well-mixed mid tempo contemporary R&B number. However listening again you’ll hear that it’s so much more.

The opening bars of melody appear to mimac a dial tone perhaps alluding to internal dialogue KVNG is having on the track. The song’s lyrical openness and vulnerability is underpinned by melancholic piano riffs woven inconspicuously between the tracks instrumentation and vocals.

One thing was clear, this is a dose of mellow magic that you need on your playlist.

In fact you can find the track here on our #IMDiscovers: R&B playlist

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