#IMExclusive: R&B Singer Thomas Gerard Unveils New Single ‘Show Off’

Tune in to the mellow melodies of Thomas Gerard.

Who is Thomas Gerard?

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, Gerard left home in hope of collaboration and opportunity for lack of a “contemporary” scene back home, which lead to him meeting producer MCK and eventually forming a duo.

Following the release of his EP 1157 as one half of R&B duo McKay x McCourt, Gerard now embarks on a his journey as solo artist.

The UK R&B vocalist exclusively premieres his brand new single ‘Show Off’.

A combination of the best elements of 80s/90s music the chilled R&B number is perfect for a late night drive around the city in summer time.

So What is ‘Show Off’ about?

Layered on smooth mid tempo production Gerard speaks on life being about more than material things. He tells his love interest that while he desires to have material success, what he truly wants is to be able to come to home to her. Now isn’t that sweet.

But the singer doesn’t just stop there, prepare to be swept away by the waves of nostalgia as Gerard draws inspiration from a variety of classics. He even manages to pay homage to a few 90s classics along the way.

Did you figure out which ones? Tweet us @Industrymee and let us know

The song will be available across all digital platforms shortly, but you can listen to it exclusively right here:

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