#IMMusicMonday: Lorine Chia Talks ‘Sweet Noise’ & More With IndustryMe

Earlier this year a Los Angles based artist Lorine Chia, released her debut album ‘Sweet noise’.

Like many migrants who move to the States, she has been in pursuit of her dream of becoming a musician since her early years.

It was her formative years spent trying to assimilate into US culture, that would go on inspire a self-reflective body work, which she is now ready to share with the world.

For the Cameroonian-native ‘Sweet Noise’ also happens to be a moment of independence and inner strength, drawing inspiration from the likes of Coldplay, M.I.A, Santigold, and John Legend and of course her time spent writing for Janelle Monae, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game.

Lorine Chia caught up with IndustryMe to talk about her album ‘Sweet Noise’, her journey so far and more.

Your Album is entitled ‘Sweet Noise’ what does that mean to you?

Growing up making music in the house all loud my mom would always be yelling “turn down that noise.” To me to music was always so sweet so I decided to put the two together. It’s not just noise anymore.

How long have you been working on it?

I’ve been working on this for the last 3 years. Just learning the industry and how to properly put out a body of work and living life to gain the experiences that I needed to share.

What do you hope listeners will take away from it?

I hope people take away the love for self. I started coming up with concepts when I figured out what self love was. Every song on this album shares the lessons I’ve learned and why it’s so important to know who you are and understanding the beauty in what it’s like to be you.

Name a song you love that you’ve tried to explain to your friends and they just don’t get it?

‘Heart sounds’ since I’ve never really been in love with a significant other. I guess it’s what I look forward to feeling when I do finally meet “the one.”

What would you say are the three most prominent influences on this Album?

My experiences living in LA, self love my family.

What was the main story behind this EP you were trying to communicate?

Self love and understanding. How to love and appreciate others. How to just be without worrying about any expectations.

From my understanding this Album is part 1 of 3. What can we expect from the other two parts?

More life lessons. I gotta live it first. I just want to be able to relate with people in all aspects of their lives through my own experiences. Share my mistakes so people don’t make the same ones and show much success so people can see how I was able to do it and be inspire to do it as well. Whatever “it” is to them.

Rumour has it that you also do hair?

Yes I absolutely love it!

How do you balance that with your music?

They actually go hand in hand. I have a hustle that helps me bring my music dreams to life financially and
I get to meet a lot of awesome people to share my music with. Then I do the music stuff at night.

Finally can you some up your sound in 3 words?

Angelic, sweet, unforgettable

Listen to ‘Sweet Noise’ here and let us know what you think @industrymee

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