Pop/R&B Artist Ria Marie Is Back And ‘Better’

Pop/R&B newcomer Ria Marie unveiled her new single ‘Better’. Beginning with a captivating intro, played on a grand piano, the start of the song took on the likeness of a modern day pop ballad.

The fluidity of the melody continued throughout the first verse, as the sounds of Ria Marie’s voice delicately caressed my ears with sultry riffs.

The beat drop added a whole new dimension to track, incorporating a range of trap style influences which transposed the melody to an entirely different place for the song’s chorus.

What worked well with the use of instrumention here is the way it allowed the track to merge a variety of styles without sounding over produced.

The verses remained quite instrumentally thin, directing listeners focus to the lyrics.

Rather than taking the flowery approach Ria Marie opted for a selection of words that were a bit more straight shooting.

What is ‘Better‘ about?

The song tells the story of the moment an individual realises they are in a toxic relationship and need to leave. The themes are explored in this track are summarised best by the lyrics of the hook “It’s either him or something better.”

Ria Marie releases new R&B single Better

Who is Ria Marie?

Bristol born R&B singer Ria Marie began her musical journey being inspired by the modern icons of soul and pop music like Houston, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson.

In 2017 the R&B singer stepped into the spotlight in her current home base of Nashville. Following a studio session with jazz pianist and composer Jeff Franzel (Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Lady Gaga, The Temptations), Ria Marie took a leap of faith and began sharing her story with the world through song.

“I just knew I had something more to say,” the 23-year-old shared, referring to a period of time in which she had exclusively recorded covers of popular songs. “I have always loved singing other people’s songs but there’s nothing like putting your own heart down on paper and sharing its message with people.”

How did the song ‘Better’ come about?

Like many modern day connections, the story of R&B singer Ria Marie’s latest single began on Instagram.

She was discovered by UK based duo The Producers, after posting several covers to the platform. The pair emailed her a few instrumentals and the rest as they say was history.

Ria Marie releases new R&B single Better

What’s next for Ria Marie?

‘Better’ along with previously released track ‘Honey‘ make up a selection of songs that showcase Ria’s songwriting prowess in the lead up to the release of the R&B singer’s EP In 2020.

When she’s not recording you’ll find Ria Marie centre stage basking in the glory of performing live.

The R&B singer is set to play will be numerous Sofar Sounds sessions across the country during the next few months.

Listen to ‘Better’ here:


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