#IMMusicMonday: Maddy Newton – You Do It

“You do it” by Maddy Newton is a classic pop song formed with candid lyrics detailing the ups and downs of modern love.

Outside of the singer’s quirky vocals and bubbly personality, what really stood out to me was the penmanship behind the song.

So I of course I had to go directly to the source, to talk music and more.

Here is what Maddy Newton had to say.

You do it” has a completely different vibe to songs like “before I knew ya” and your earlier music this year, why the sudden Change?

“Before I Knew Ya” originally came out on my EP back in 2016. I basically “re-launched” it when I released a video for it earlier this year. That song is special because it is just a piano vocal, with no other instrumentation. “You Do It” is obviously fully produced so there is a difference in the sound! I love experimenting with production but also like to strip things down to their organic form. I think both can co-exist in my ”sound.”

I loved “You do it” for its witty lyrics, How would you describe the writing and the recording process for the song? Do you have any plans to do a music video for the song?

Thank you! I’m so glad you like the lyrics! I love creating music that is conversational enough to feel like I’m just talking with my friends. I was actually writing this song with two of my friends, and we were all on the same page for this song.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

My music includes some different styles because I love multiple sides to music. As I mentioned before, I love to write conversational lyrics and then put them over a track that makes you feel something – whether it’s dancing or crying. I listen to hip-hop and get some of my rhythmic melodies from that genre, but I also love the 80s and try to find ways to incorporate sounds from that era!

Pop is often a genre considered as lacking in lyrical depth, as a songwriter how do you feel about this?

I’ve been in Nashville since I was 12 so I was able to learn how to craft a song in a city where the lyrics are the most important part. I’m grateful for that, because I want every one of my songs to have a meaning, regardless of what the production behind it is. I think there are quite a few pop artists doing that really well right now!

Nashville has been instrumental in your journey, what is it about being there that inspires your craft?

I talked about this in the last question a bit, but Nashville has taught me how to tell stories. Living here has definitely given me a certain perspective. I’m also inspired by the multi-genre scene in Nashville. It’s not just country music like a lot of people think!

You also spend a lot of time in LA, how has the LA music scene influenced your sound?

I love LA, and I love that it is very pop-heavy. As much as I love working with people in Nashville, I also love going to LA to be inspired by a different culture and work with the people there. I’m grateful to be able to spend time in both places.

What does a typical day in the life of Maddy Newton consist of?

Since I am not able to fully live off of my music yet, my “day job” is doing social media work for people! I do that from around 10-3 every day, so I typically have my afternoons/evenings saved for writing sessions, meetings or filming content!

In light of the Christmas season approaching, what is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! Since I’m an only child, my parents and I typically celebrate Christmas Day as just the three of us. It’s sweet! Every Christmas Eve my mom makes chilli and I make my “famous” mac & cheese. I then wake my parents up at a disgustingly early time in the morning to start exchanging gifts! My dogs enjoy ripping up the wrapping paper haha Maddy Newton taking to ray sang from industryme about her new single you do it

Who is on your playlist right now?

Right now my playlist consists of new music from Ariana Grande, Jon Bellion, Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, and all things Christmas!

We hear you have plans for a number of live shows in 2019, what song are you most looking forward to performing and why?

I am going to be playing more shows next year! At my last show in Nashville, I played several new songs. I am really excited to play “You Do It” next year, but there are a couple unreleased ones that went over really well at the show…I’m excited 🙂

What are you currently working on?

When the holidays come around, the music business shuts down a bit. However, music never stops! I’m continuing to write and record so I can release more music in the new year!

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Thanks so much for having me! If you haven’t heard “You Do It” yet (on Radio Disney or Streaming Platforms), definitely go check it out! There may be a video coming soon…
Also, let’s be friends! I’m @MaddyNewton on everything 🙂 xx

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