#IMMusicMonday: Scott Beckett – Take me Home

Introducing Scott Beckett.

He is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool gearing up for the release of his forthcoming EP ‘Teach Me To Fly’ which is out in March.

Scott is a resident artist in the world famous Cavern Club and has been playing there since October 2016. He also gigs in other bars across the city centre but has shifted his focus to being a singer songwriter.

His debut single ‘Take Me Home’ is out today!

The song has a very commercial feel. It would fit nicely on the soundtrack of a romcom.

When I listen to this song I am instantly reminded me of someone looking out of the window of a car or plane and reminiscing.

I really appreciated the beauty in the track’s simplicity. The simple 4 chord melody really worked well and gave the song an honest and authentic feel.

The instrumentation builds as the song progresses adding to the crescendo of emotions the singer is creating.

It’s a perfect illustration of the process of learning how to fly.

This clever layering helps to build anticipation, until the moment of truth right after the bridge.

The song details the conflicting feelings of being comfortable in stagnation. Needing to see and experience more and wanting more for yourself despite knowing there are no major issues with where you are.

This is beautifully depicted by lyrics such as “sick and tired of living in paradise”

I would have liked to hear a bigger beat drop for the final chorus. With that being said, I think the ending with the fade of instruments worked very well and felt like the moment at which the singer snapped out of his thoughts and came back to reality.

I am really excited to hear the rest of the EP, if this song is anything to go by it will be a great body of work.

Listen to the song here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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6 years ago

Have seen him many times at the Cavern , brilliant.

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