#IMMusicMondays: 5 Things We Learnt From Emerging Star Bronagh

Bronagh is a 21-year-old rising talent in the world of pop. She moved from her home in Ireland to London to pursue her career. Following a break in releases, she returned at the end of 2022 with the powerful ‘The Storm.’ The track was dedicated to her younger sister and is a powerful anthem that speaks to the feelings linked with depression.

Back in December, Bronagh sat down with IndustryMe on the set of the music video for her latest track. We discussed a variety of topics, but these are five things we learned from that discussion…

Watch the interview in full here

Bronagh Has Found Her Sound

Bronagh explained her break from the music scene was a result of finding her sound, having realised she needed to work on her craft. The music she has on the way and ‘The Storm,’ represents for her who she is as an artist and you can see the rawness and passion in the lyrics. While those early singles were enjoyable pop music, you can hear the confidence in this new track and it has us eagerly awaiting more.

Mental Health is a Key Theme

Talking about mental health is now no longer taboo, but it’s always important to discuss these issues. Bronagh described the song as “learning how to cope with that (mental health) and realise everything to do with mental illness is normal.” She sees the song as an escape for her and her family, but also for others listening to the track. This is a clear sign of the open nature of her new music, which people are sure to find relatable.


Bronagh was involved in an Andrew Lloyd Webber Scholarship

Bronagh is not just a talented singer, but also a dancer as well. She’s danced all her life and experiences at university and the scholarship opened up her eyes to the industry. The scholarship helped due to the lack of opportunities in Ireland, allowing her to continue in her career. It’s safe to say things are on the up and that scholarship has been a defining point in her story.

Fellow Artists Shouldn’t Be Pushed Into a Box

Having previously touched on the fact she’s now found her sound, Bronagh also had similar advice for fellow artists. She states “don’t let anybody push you into a box that your not meant to be in.” Then going on to highlight how others have tried to do the same to her, it’s clear she knows her path and where she wants to go. Staying true to yourself and authenticity is key, something she and many other artists know when pursuing their vision.

Doja Cat is High on the Collaborator List

Doja Cat has stood out for her unique personality and approach to music, and this is something Bronagh has noticed. She loves this individualism and finds her fresh and unique. They may have different sounds, but she feels it could be a successful collaboration. Having worked with different-sounding artists before like Post Malone and Anne-Marie, this is a collab we can see working.

Bronagh’s full interview is available on IndustryMe’s YouTube now.

Bronagh is on Instagram and TikTok.

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