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#IMMusicMondays: 5 Things We Learnt From the Authentic SPL Daddy (Interview)

SPL Daddy is a name you are set to hear more from in 2024. Chosen as one of our ones to watch for the year, the Nigerian-Ghanaian singer has been releasing music since 2022. His addictive take on Afrobeats catches your attention and then keeps you coming back for more. Around the time of his latest release ‘CONFIDENT‘, we sat down with the Purple List alumni to learn more about the man behind the music. Here are five things that stood out during our chat:

He’s all about bringing positive vibes!

When discussing his new single, he highlighted how he wanted to bring the positive vibes of the end of last year into 2024. SPL Daddy wants to ‘boost the confidence’ of others via his music with ‘CONFIDENT‘, indicating the message of his craft. It’s a positive sentiment and shows good intentions with his musical direction.

Living in two countries has impacted his sound

SPL Daddy was born in Ghana before moving to Nigeria but now lives in Ghana once again. He touches on how he’s learnt two languages and that his experiences have helped put him in the right place. However, there is some crossover in terms of sound, and as a result, ‘it was easy to blend in’. Clearly, living in different environments made him the artist he is today and brought a fresher perspective.

SPL Daddy is a perfectionist

This artist is not one to rush out his sound, having only released four singles since his beginning in 2022 being a testament to that. He describes how he had a picture in his head and that he needed to make sure he was right physically and mentally first. “I would have (released) earlier if I knew it was not just about me making the best music out of it. Sometimes, the music might not be what the audience wants.” This is a thoughtful statement, showing care for what his fans think, as well as himself.

Inspiring and motivation is the goal

While every artist wants to be successful in their craft, SPL Daddy has a more moral goal with his music. He wants to inspire and motivate, indicating a desire to help the next generation in whatever field they are part of. Stating, “We don’t need to rush,” he is fully aware that your goals take time and should come naturally. This comes back to his positive and perfectionist nature and shows that he wants his ideas to be remembered as more than great sounds.

Dan Drizzy is one to watch

When asked about who is coming up in the scene, he highlighted Dan Drizzy and his ‘Polygamous Entity‘ EP. Having previously worked with and listened to his current recordings, SPL Daddy has a clear insight into this artist’s future, and we can’t wait to hear what they have cooking.

SPL Daddy is on Instagram and TikTok. The full interview will be available on YouTube on Tuesday, and you can read more interviews here.

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