The Purple List 2024: The 30 Artists You Need to Know!

2024 is here, and so the Purple List has returned. This year we have upped our annual list to 30 artists and there is plenty of talent on display. From R’n’B to grime, garage to indie-pop, the musicians here come from many different worlds, but all deserve your attention. Amongst this list might be your new favourite, so let us get into the Purple List!

List Chosen by Thomas Atkinson (Editor-in-Chief)

Contributors: Santiago Abad (Writer), Bethan Eyre (Writer), Esme Watson (Writer), and Kloe Paton (Writer).

Say Now

Location: London, United Kingdom

R’n’B girl groups are back and Say Now (f.k.a. neednamebro) is the latest to make a wave in the scene. The trio of Ysabelle Salvanera, Amelia Onuorah, and Madeleine Haynes know how to hit you with those harmonies. We were treated to plenty of great music in 2023 from these three, and can’t wait for them to take over 2024. If you have somehow missed what this group is doing, then get on board now!

Standout Track: Better Love

Tahn Solo

Location: South London, United Kingdom

After two years with no release, Tahn Solo made a welcome return with ‘Love, Crafts Countries‘ last year. His smooth and chilled vocals are a pleasure on any ear and he clearly has an ear for what production is right. The rising star has already stated that this year is a big one for him, and with two new tracks so far, expect plenty of new music.

Standout Track: Joyride

The Last Dinner Party

Location: London, United Kingdom

At the start of 2023, before the release of their first single ‘Nothing Matters’, this London-based-avant-garde quintet was unknown to most. But, they have since emerged as one of the most exciting bands to have graced the UK in 2023. Stylistically, if ABBA were a 2024 alt band, TLDP is what they would sound like. Bringing together elements of dark guitar pop and theatrical expression, with a strong sense of aesthetic and sonic singularity, the band has mastered the art of eclecticism. Having already started 2024 off strong by winning the BRIT Award for Rising Star and BBC Radio 1’s Sound Of 2024, there is nothing but greatness in store for them in a post ‘Prelude to Ecstasy’ world.

Standout Track: Caesar on a TV Screen


Location: South London, United Kingdom

British-Nigerian songstress BINA. is a one-woman spectacle. Straddling a neo-soul and indie R&B sound, she’s a breath of fresh air for the UK scene. Her melodies are addictive, her voice soulful and smooth, and she pens songs that bear deep meaning. Heartfelt and kaleidoscopic – BINA. is one to know.

Standout Track: Dopamine

The Warning

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

The Warning has been making waves and gaining viral attention since their 2014 cover of ‘Enter Sandman‘. Thundering riffs, black outfits, and headbanging define the music of this all-female sister group from Monterrey. Together, they deliver a sensational stage presence and impeccable musical execution. In recognition of her exceptional skills, Paulina was honored with the Rock Drummer of the Year award in 2023. Their upcoming tour in the UK in April 2024 includes a show at The O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on April 27, marking the culmination of their UK tour.

Standout Track: CHOKE

Janna Jamison

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Gaining a following on TikTok and using her own experiences to influence her sound, singer-songwriter Janna Jamison has been taking the internet by storm. Whilst using her catchy, brutally honest style, the LA-based singer-songwriter definitely knows how to tell a story. Being up there with some of the world’s leading female pop-punk artists to make her music a staple if you’re ever feeling nostalgic or mad at the world. Janna is currently working on her sophomore EP ‘Lovesuite’, and there is much to come from this talented musician.  

Standout Track: Romanticize The S**t Out of You. 


Location: West London, United Kingdom

UKG is once again taking over the club scene and one of its most talented new names is p-rallel. From collaborations with Toddla T to remixing Kojey Radical, he certainly saw his stock take a rise in 2023. With endless bangers to choose from, this garage DJ/Producer knows how to get the vibes going. Also, you can’t do a list of 2023 anthems without mentioning ‘It’s a Lundun Thing‘.

Standout Track: It’s a Lundun Thing


Location: South London, United Kingdom

Having been releasing music since 2019, this multi-genre artist knows how to get you grooving. Her ability as a singer and producer has proven her as a name to watch while creating a great dynamic in her performances. Having played venues like The Warehouse Project and even had a residency on Rinse FM, this artist has plenty of accolades. After a productive 2023, we can’t wait to dance to some new material.

Standout Track: Hot Shot


Location: North West London, United Kingdom

Having been nominated as one of BBC Introducing’s One To Watch in 2023, Laughta should already be on your agenda. This British-Lebanese MC knows how to get the room bouncing, whether through her ability to spit or produce. The scene has very much given her a co-sign, collaborating with Jammer, Manga Saint Hilare, and Coco amongst others. She’s just released ‘Belail‘ to kick off the year, and we expect her to kick down some doors this year.

Standout Track: Belail FT A.G Nimeri

Kruz Leone

Location: South East London, United Kingdom

The Grime resurgence has provided plenty of new names such as Duppy, who made our list last year. Kruz Leone is another one on that list and even collaborated with Duppy on the ‘Top 3‘ EP. His fast-paced and sharp flow gets your attention and fits perfectly over a 140 bpm beat. Having performed alongside names like Dizzee Rascal and P Money, he is getting respect from the legends of the scene. 2024 is looking like a big year for Grime and this MC will be at the forefront of that.

Standout Track: One Trick Pony with Mystry

DJ Lag

Location: Durban, South Africa

The self-proclaimed king of gqom, DJ Lag is bringing the vibes to the dancefloor all the way from South Africa. His musical style feels very connected to his roots, whilst giving the dance scene a fresh and vibrant new sound. He has already made waves, earning the attention of Beyoncé, Tyla, and Novelist. Plenty of great producers have been coming out of South Africa recently, and this DJ is yet another one.

Standout Track: Where’s You Father with QUE DJ


Location: East London, United Kingdom

R’n’B is in such a great place right now, with Äyanna another singer that will take 2024 by storm. Having signed to LVR last year, she made a name for herself with the ‘In A Perfect World‘ EP. You can talk about her angelic vocals, but it’s her catchy lyricism that keeps you coming back. Having won Best Newcomer at The State of R&B Awards, she’ll be hoping 2024 is another successful year.

Standout Track: Girlfriend

Margaritas Podridas

Location: Hermosillo, Mexico

Margaritas Podridas boldly asserts that grunge is not dead; it was merely in hibernation. Originating from Hermosillo, Sonora, the band delivers a sound that pays homage to the 90s, prioritizing riotous revelry through distortion-infused instrumentals and visceral vocals. In addition to this grunge revival, Margaritas Podridas infuses a dreamlike quality into their productions, drawing inspiration from the shoegaze movement. Whether singing in Spanish or English, the essence and sonic landscapes of this band’s music remain consistently fresh and engaging. Fresh off an exhilarating tour of the West Coast of the United States, covering a total of 8 cities, they are gearing up for upcoming dates in Mexico and beyond in 2024.

Standout Track: Púrpura

SPL Daddy

Location: Ghana (Born in Nigeria)

Afrobeats is taking over the world right now, with every year introducing us to new stars in the genre. SPL Daddy is the latest talent to come out of the scene and he is certainly one to watch. Despite not much available music, his autotuned-catchy vocals have you hooked. 2024 is set to be his year and his charisma will certainly have you listening.

Standout Track: TRUMPET

Ria Barkr

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

While Nashville is known for country music, Ria Barkr is bringing strictly R’n’B vibes. Her relaxing vocal tones over songs that touch on hating a part-time job or even sexual pleasure have you mesmerised. The ‘Alpha She‘ EP showed what she is made of, but we can’t wait to get a full body of work from this amazing talent.

Standout Track: tennis


Location: Manchester, United Kingdom (Born in London)

Signed to the respected Ninja Tune label, Anz has been making noise in UKG and jungle for some time. Her video-game-like sound has attracted many, but after a break from the scene, we finally got a new track last year. With the rise in popularity of both genres and Anz’s addictive approach, we’re expecting good things in 2024.

Standout Track: Clearly Rushing


Location: London, United Kingdom (Gina born in Gastard, Wiltshire)

This duo has been making good music for a while now, with the soulful vocals of Gina, mixed with Lobo’s jazzy instrumentation. They have been relatively quiet over the last few years, but have announced a debut album is coming. These two know how to make a chilled jam with a groove to it, and we can’t wait to see what their first LP has in store.

Standout Track: Mama, it’s Ok to cry


Location: Johannesburg, South Africa (Born in Durban)

The soothing R’n’B of Nanette is a delight on the ears and one you will become more familiar with in 2024. The vocals are on point as you’d expect, but as a producer herself, this artist knows what beat is best. She is already an established name in her home country of South Africa, but this musician is about to take the world by storm.

Standout Track: Call You with Major League Djz and LuuDaDeejay FT. Zwayetoven


Location: London, United Kingdom

Having impressed us with her performance at our own Purple Room open mic night, we knew BIM was set for great things. Last year proved to be a standout, which included supporting Bastille. Having been growing the brand by adding her choir-like vocals to plenty of dance bangers, expect to hear some great solo material in the coming year.

Standout Track: Alone


Location: Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom

Having started as a DJ and songwriter, Cassyette is now the main event with her addictive takes on rock and pop. From playing at Download to her involvement in Ireland’s current Eurovision entry, she certainly has a finger in many pies. Recently supported Bring Me The Horizon has certainly brought more attention her way, and I expect this could be the year she breaks through into your music playlist.

Standout Track: September Rain

Jade Leanne

Location: East London, United Kingdom

Jade Leanne is the triple threat with her involvement in singing, dancing, and acting. The last year saw her return to the singing field while hosting dancing pop-ups and performing as Cassie in Rapunzel. She has acclaim, having been named as rookie of the year at The State of R’n’B Awards in 2020. Expect this artist’s star to rise in 2024, as part of the many talents in U.K. R’n’B.

Standout Track: CSTA


Location: Paris, France

Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi are two twin sisters who if you don’t already know, need to get to know. This duo covers many genres including soul, R’n’B, and even trip-hop. Their ability to sing in French, English, Spanish, and Yoruba is also a sign of talent and intelligence. Having already made waves with their collaborations with Jorja Smith and Pa Salieu, we’re expecting good things to come in 2024.

Standout Track: Lavender & Red Roses FT Jorja Smith

Jules Paymer

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

Having released their debut EP last year, Jules Paymer is very much at the beginning of their musical journey. Having been writing away for the last two years, Paymer bares their soul with their stories resonating with many. Mixing soulful ballads and catchy pop-punk, Paymer knows how to keep listeners interested and leave the music feeling fresh. Their sound is certainly ripe to crossover into the general populace.

Standout Track: Girls Will Be Boys


Location: London, United Kingdom

Melica has already made a sensational start to the year as one of the latest batch of artists in MOBO’s Unsung List. That alongside her vibrant, future-summer hit ‘Run‘ has built her up to be a big name in 2024. The music so far certainly is addictive and we can imagine what is to come will be just as catchy, if not catchier.

Standout Track: Run

Ezra Williams

Location: Cork, Republic of Ireland (Born in County Wicklow)

The indie-pop scene is certainly thriving at the moment, especially with artists’ like Ezra Williams to count on. Their debut album ‘Supernumeraries‘ got people’s attention, as did their feature on the soundtrack of the hit Netflix show, ‘Heartstopper‘. Williams brings an openness and heartfelt lyricism to the table that is sure to gain a huge fan base.

Standout Track: My Own Person

Mariam Davina

Location: South London, United Kingdom

Back in 2021, Mariam Davina reached the semi-finals of the Voice UK. Now, in 2024 she is here to show she can make it on her own. She released her first three solo hits last year, with her soulful sounds crossing into pop, R’n’B, and soul. Having started the year strongly with ‘I Do‘, expect this voice to be coming out of your speakers.

Standout Track: Because Of You

corner club

Location: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

These best friends know how to make good music with their chilled indie-pop sound. Savvanah Du’s vocals are like a welcoming hug, while Michael Zhnag’s musicality is ethereal and perfect for a walk in nature. Their lyrics have a melancholic tone, which against the musical backdrop is sure to get people on board with the talents on display.

Standout Track: Manhattanhenge


Location: United Kingdom

This collective compromises artists from the United Kingdom, who want to give you some great R’n’B. Since 2020, Booda and Nikz have shown how to combine R’n’B, soul, and hip-hop in an effective way. The recent collaboration between Nikz and Nayyah on ‘I Spy‘ is a good start to the year, and indicates they will be a name to be reconned with this year.

Standout Track: I Spy

Alexandros Sarifis

Location: London, United Kingdom

A bi-lingual rapper is a sign of musical aptitude, and Alexandros Sarifis certainly is that. Whether flowing in Greek or English, this man knows how to ride the beat. His skills in writing a braggadocious banger or an ode women in his life show he fits many criteria. If this sounds up your street then make sure to attend his headline show at the 02 Academy2 in Islington.

Standout Track: Brick By Brick

Octo Octa

Location: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. (Born in Chicago, Illinois)

This New York producer is very creative with her IDM style having you engrossed in her music. While her music has had people vibing since 2011, you may have missed out on these dreamy sounds. Now, you don’t have that excuse and with a new LP long overdue, get this music on the go and be transported to a place of tranquility.

Standout Track: Loops For Healing

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