#IMMusicMondays: 5 Things We Learnt from the Sensational BIM

BIM is a musicians musician; a true expert in her craft. Blessed with the soul-shaking powerhouse vocals of a gospel great but with the playful pen of a modern R&B star, she is one of the faces of up-and-coming British music. 

Her music can be best described as dramatic retro soul. BIM harnesses a modern-day Mary J. Blige energy, with a focus on exceptional live performance. 

You may know the London-based artist from her features on house music jams ‘One More Night’ by MD Jones or ‘Those Tears‘ with GUDFELLA and SACHI. Conversely, R&B fans may know her from her stellar 2022 debut LP, ‘Beauty In Chaos‘. If that all somehow passed you by, perhaps you’ll remember an exceptional gospel showcase at the Royal Wedding in 2018. That was Sessions by Ascension, her choir experience company. 

A true Renaissance woman, this artist is showing her peers what musical authenticity without genre limits looks like. We caught up with BIM, who dropped gems on her inspiration, creative process, and their future.


Her music is a celebration of authenticity

BIM doesn’t stray away from what is important to her. Her music is a manifestation of the beautiful and bitter moments of womanhood and being Black in Britain. She promises to always articulate her experiences to let others feel heard. As for whether it’s difficult to weave these themes into her work, she advises it’s not even a conscious decision. “When you’re making music authentically, whether you want it to or not, it ends up slipping in.”.

She doesn’t belong to one genre

As Beyoncé has recently shown us on a global scale – genres are over-rated. Like the many greats that came before her, BIM isn’t conforming to music industry labels. Instead, she taps into making music that she loves, tying in elements of drum ‘n’ bass, pop, soul, and R&B. 

Her song inspiration comes from many places

Like most songwriters, BIM primarily tugs at her own heartstrings when penning a new record. However, the mark of a great songwriter is one who can pull from differing angles when needed. She can write from the perspective of someone else and has found inspiration from the relationships of others to kickstart ideas. ‘The Knowledge‘, a skit off ‘Beauty In Chaos‘, sees her girlfriends divulge red or green flag moments in their relationships. These tales inspire her storytelling writing style.

Take a listen to ‘Cinematic‘ – a whole record based on what Hollywood romance feels like in reality, brimming with movie references – to really respect her pen.

She seeks to collaborate with artists who will elevate her

She is manifesting a D’Mile collaboration – the prolific producer behind projects from the likes of Victoria Monét and Lucky Daye. Why? He pulls the best out of his artists, allowing them to intersect elements out with R&B to galvanise a classic body of work. She’s not afraid to meet her heroes either – if Sade gives her the call for an epic musical comeback, BIM will be there.

She plans to have our summer playlists sorted

New tracks to heat up our new summer are steadily incoming. Festival season is approaching, and BIM is in her live-performance bag as she gears up to wow the crowds. Fans are so excited to see the new heights this artist can reach this year.

BIM is on Instagram and TikTok. Make sure to read more interviews here and stream her music below. The full interview is out on YouTube soon!

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