#IMMusicMondays: Five LGBTQIA+ Artists You Don’t Know but Should

Happy Pride month! For those who identify as LGBTQIA+, and their allies across the world, Pride month represents a time of celebration, liberation, commemoration, and healing.

The cultural impact of this community reverberates across all music genres, and should be celebrated all year round. When you’re not advocating, educating yourself, or attending Pride events across your city – you can support up-and-coming LGBTQIA+ musicians.

There is no better feeling than discovering a new artist to obsess over. I’ve pulled together a few artists that I’ve discovered of late and cannot stop listening to. These artists represent the variety of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and make incredible music while doing so!

Whether you think I’m (fashionably) late to the party on some of these artists, or turning you onto five fresh faces, get ready to find new jams to add to your summer playlists. Thank me later!


Song that won me over:

JGrrey is an R&B superstar in waiting. The London-born artist pours her heart and soul into her songwriting and visuals, and isn’t afraid to be experimental. She has publicly shared that she struggled with her queer identity growing up, but now, feels it’s important she is a beacon of light to help others find themselves. Oh, and she was sampled by Madlib. Mic drop.

Hope Tala

Song that won me over:

London-born songstress Hope Tala recently stated “I think the most helpful category of music is good music.”. She is another artist building beyond genre and cultural stereotypes of who they can or should be. Tala, who identifies as gay, pens poetic Neo-soul that will be love at first listen.

TT The Artist

Song that won me over:

Baltimore club queen and all-round Black-owned business boss TT The Artist stays true to herself. By taking the unique Baltimore club sound and mixing it with dance, Miami bass, electronic and hip-hop influences, she is making serious anthems. She focuses on uplifting marginalised groups, and beyond her own queer identity, collaborates frequently with queer artists across all her projects.

Cakes da Killa

Song that won me over:

Armed with cut-throat lyrical skill, independent artist Cakes da Killa fuses rap with house, dance, and jazz music. With over a decade of work in the music industry, the NYC-based rapper is openly gay, and continues to proudly liberate the queer nightlife scene worldwide. Cakes is breaking through the ultra-masculine veil that surrounds rap music with a non-confirmative sound and sensational live performances.


Song that won me over:

For the alt-pop fans who want a heartfelt crying in the club moment, Tsatsamis has you covered. ‘Everybody Wants a Piece of You‘ has been on repeat for me, but the Londoner’s entire catalogue deserves a listen. With inspirations including Frank Ocean, James Blake, and Adele, this artist lays it bare for a true celebration of gay love.

You can read more spotlight pieces here.

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