Nippa Flexes on New Single ‘Empire Freestyle’

It’s time to get to know Nippa. He is the up-and-coming Tottenham singer looking to fill a coveted and long-vacant position: the male face of UK R&B.

With all the hedonism and stunting attitude of a rapper, this singer truly surprises listeners with his sound. While he’s surrounded by trap and drill – and aligns his image to this – Nippa shocks with his sensationally smooth vocals. His newest single, ‘Empire Freestyle‘, will audibly please R&B lovers, yet please rap fans with his boastful bars.

The London-based artist hits a sweet spot where R&B and trap meet. In this single, he sings on top of a production sweet spot – heartfelt keys and a thumping beat fuse together to make a simple, soaring instrumental. Fans of PARTYNEXTDOOR or Brent Faiyaz will appreciate his ability to straddle genres. In fact, it’s listening to Faiyaz’s ‘Sonder Son‘ that inspired him to take music seriously.


Empire Freestyle‘ has Nippa flexing over his recent success, much to the chagrin of those who doubted him. He’s having fun with women, money, and fame. This refreshingly playful nature comes across a lot in his music. Furthermore, there’s an addictive effortlessness in his delivery – an artist that has the potential to pen heartfelt hits, but also street anthems.

The fusion of the rap and R&B worlds is nothing new, and it’s true that artists who can do both have the upper hand commercially. As someone who loves both UK rap and R&B, he caters perfectly to my taste and likely many others like me.

This single heads up his new EP ‘INDUSTREETS‘, which dropped last Friday. It’s a short, sweet introduction to an artist who plans to be in it for the long run.

Nippa is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream the single below.

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