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Clara Park Talks Empowerment On New Single “In Control”

Making her debut, Nashville-based singer Clara Park has released a new single entitled “In Control”. This explosive track talks about a relationship between two emotionally unstable individuals and the importance of giving and taking within it.

With relatable themes and lyrics, Clara Park is on her way to be a major name in the Pop music scene as she starts on this brand new journey. This star in the making draws from a range of influences such as Lennon Stella, Selena Gomez, & Taylor Swift, who have paid a major part in her signature sound today. 

The cohesiveness of the track creates a well-polished feel, showing how well-crafted Clara Park’s sound is, despite this being her debut single. Park showcases her talent through her vocal ability with its sultry, fluid tone that encapsulates the listener, which is something that will set Clara Park apart from other musicians as she releases more songs.

As she has been writing songs from a young age, she has been able to perfect her storytelling ability through her songwriting which comes through in “In Control”. This soothing yet upbeat and provoking track is something that can be listened to anywhere, whether it be at a party or in by yourself at home. A track that can serve a multitude of situations reflects on the versatility of Clara Park’s talent, which will surely come in handy as she progresses in her music career. 

Clara Park has kicked off her career with a show-stopping single that will leave listeners in awe of her talent. As the first track to introduce what Clara Park and her music is all about, she has created an amazing song that will have listeners falling in love with her sound as soon as they hear it.

Even though she is currently under the music radar, “In Control” is a track with surely elevate her career as it combines her vocal talent and songwriting ability beautifully. Be sure to look out for her upcoming releases that will be coming out in the next couple of months. 

Listen to “In Control” here:

Words by: Nat Siaw-Agyeman

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