Reggie Becton Wonders If You’re “Listenin” on New Track

Reggie Becton is back with “Listenin’,” a vulnerable track exploring emotional complexities in male expression.

Becton has been making a name for himself, creating R&B music for millennial men and women. His songs come with a twist, focusing on the struggle between what society has always told us about love – the toxicity and all – and what 21st-century think pieces argue relationships should be. 

“Listenin’,” which is to be released on August 26, is no different: combining smooth vocals with raw lyrics, Becton’s latest release tackles toxic relationships from a male perspective. “Tell me, what’s love if it isn’t toxic?” he sings, making the listener question what love really is.

In the song, Becton flips the switch on the usual stereotypes of men and women in relationships. While we usually have the image of the woman hanging by the telephone, waiting for the man to provide something – anything, Becton switches it up. 

Reggie Becton listen

“Babe,” he sings over a soft R&B beat, “are you listenin’?” and it would be romantic if it wasn’t so desperate, pleading. Becton sings of feeling nameless in the relationship, proclaiming that, even though he sees that the girl he is pleading with isn’t as invested as he is, “I’ll probably call you when I get lit.”

It’s a unique look at the toxicity surrounding relationships, especially since it comes from the man’s perspective of feeling used. In music, we frequently hear the tales of men longing for and pursuing women. Unfortunately, we see less of the type of vulnerability Reggie Becton puts in his music, a vulnerability we definitely need more of.

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Listen to “Listenin” here:

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