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Hello guys!
I know that it has been ages since the last roundup. With everything going on with the campaign, it is likely that you have been missing all the music related posts.
So I have returned with a long list of talent I have come across during the month of March.

I love the way this songs starts, particularly in regards to the vocal production. While melodically the song is very simple, the sound engineer and the producer did a great job of layering the sounds bringing all the elements of the song together.

The song details the frustrations of a singer being unappreciated as the ‘good guy’ in his love interests life.

Gene Noble – Never Know

Urban R&B at its finest. This song has all the elements of the genre that I love with that saucy falsetto and soulful harmonies with that the addition of that edgy baseline.


I think complex was spot on with the Craig David comparison. Shift K3Y ‘s sound is one that is very much remenicent of Craig David’s new music. With that being said is vocals are distinct and he has a great falsetto. His light bouncy voice is a perfect match for this dance-pop number. This song is certainly one of your feel good Friday playlist.

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What a great debut single!

It was definitely an unusual mix of electronic sounds but something I enjoyed because of how different it is what’s in the mainstream.

This is a song for those who appreciate the artistry of music production.

While there is a lot going on, it doesn’t feel cluttered or chaotic and that is really the beauty of this song.


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Bastard Jazz have done it. Seriously this label has a beautifully unique and insanely talented roster of artists that each add a modern twist to jazz music.

That’s exactly what potato head people have done with the use of electronic keyboards and synthesisers.

The end result a chilled fresh feeling modern jazz number perfect for the moments when you need to unwind


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I instantly gravitated towards this artist’s flow as soon as I heard the song, and of course I loved the bass.

This is the sort of track you listen to when your in transit and is perfect for those car journeys.

I actually appreciate the fact that the hook doesn’t sound vocally polished as this fed into the songs message of things not being totally together but wanting them to be.

Jay prince’s flow somewhat reminds me of XII 44


Zarion Uti – Finito

Introducing rising Afro – Soul artist Zarion Uti.

The type of song you play while you are getting ready to get you in the mood to go out. It’s the perfect balance of dancehall and aftobeats – literally the best of both worlds.

Be warned this track will definitely have you dancing.

Chilled melodic dancehall with a dash of afro flavour. is how I would describe this track

This fun filled number captures the moment when someone catches your eye on a night out.

Zarion gives me an idea of what Yxng Bane and Maleek berry would sound like on a track.


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In 2017, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Chris McClenney, added a number of firsts to his resume including his first Grammy nomination for co-writing credits on Khalid’s chart-topping single “Location,” a residency at famed NYC jazz club Blue Note, and the release of his critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Portrait In Two’.

The singer now returns with the jazz inspired single side to side.

Close your eyes and you are immediately transported to a bar in the 1980s with that smooth jazz fusion.

The song beautifully captures that era without sounding dated.

KRS – Payback

KJ Returns under the new name KRS and with his new track payback.

I enjoyed how the track gave us an insight into the rappers personality and talent with a mixture of playful bars and a great rhythmic flow.

The use of percussion across the track was a nice touch as well as the unexpected vocals on the second verse.

This track was effortless excellence with a great vibe and one I throughly enjoyed.

CK & Hlava – Light The Way

LA producer CK Jones and UK singer Bekki Hlava team up for ‘Light The Way’. The song has a grungy hip hop sound which is the ideal contrast for HLava’s light dainty vocals.

I have a feeling that this is only tip of the iceberg with these two and I am confident they will produces some great music

Lemzi – That’s The Code

Dischords sprinkled across the melody provide a unique a backdrop to an interesting track.

This is very different vibe for Lemzi but still manages to convey the conscious messages I’ve grown to love.

As always I appreciate the artists honest and open bars and despite being unsure about the track in the beginning was impressed by how it all came together.

Kaniva – Mummy Says


Content wise this track was great but judging from his previous work I expected nothing less.

What really captured my attention was the accompanying visuals, which proved less is more.

The microphone in the middle of the snow covered street with the occasional edit was a great idea.

When discussing such a sensitive topic it is important to find the balance between visuals that convey the songs message without being distracting. That was certainly achieved here.

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