INTERVIEW: Coline Creuzot In The Midst Of Her Journey

Texas-born and Los Angeles-based, Coline Creuzot is a singer-songwriter with a fabulous voice whose take on R&B is establishing a brand of its own. Entwining elements of pop accompanied by some soulful aspects, Coline uses lyrics to explore truths and her latest release Sometimes is yet another building block of her musical foundation that grounds the listener at the moment with her music. With previous singles such as You Tried It reaching 319,960 listens on Spotify and Sometimes being described as “dripping with sultry layered vocals over a svelte-smooth melody”, it is clear to see that her listeners are responding well to the latest instalment in her promising future. Sometimes ventures through pathways of honesty that sometimes we don’t know quite how to face which Creuzot has beautifully vocalised with an unusual melody and instrumentation combo that melds well together as the song progresses. 

Sometimes was co-written by Sam Hook, who has worked with multiple amazing artists such as Ne-Yo, Ella Mai, and Trey Songz, and the track was produced by Happy Perez whose previous productions include working with big names including Mariah Carey and Frank Ocean. With these two creatives on board and Coline at the centre, Sometimes has an immense amount of talent backing the release. As well as this, Coline is encapsulating a difficult moment to experience within her video – the agony of missing someone – and reminds us that if we love someone, “let them know”.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Coline and ask her some questions to gain an insight into the journey to Sometimes:

Firstly, where did the idea for Sometimes originate? 

I went into the studio with Sam Hook (Co-writer) and we just began talking about life. Most sessions start with a conversation and then the music is born. 

Do you feel your songwriting process has changed since you began your music career journey? 

My process has evolved but is still based on my experiences. I used to sit and think (probably overthink) and write, now I enjoy listening to a track and just going straight in the booth and saying exactly what I feel until it all comes together

Which three words would you use to describe Sometimes? 

Powerful. Heartfelt. Honest.

Of course, the song is brilliant, and the video looks incredible. But, what was your favourite part of the entire recording and release process for Sometimes? 

I honestly love the entire process. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my vision come to life. 

You’ve had some amazing opportunities throughout your career so far, opening for some big-name acts and collaborating. Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

There are so many, but I would love to collaborate with Drake, J Cole, Lil Wayne, and Joyner Lucas.

To give an insight for our readers, how was the process of creating Sometimes impacted in the past year by the pandemic? 

The pandemic really gave me time to slow down and focus on the process. I created a lot of music during the pandemic.

Aside from creating music, what are some other passions that you want to dedicate time to in the coming years? 

I used to paint a lot. I haven’t had much time to do it lately, but it’s something I definitely want to pick up again.

Who are your favourite artists to listen to at the moment? 

6lack, Blxst, J Cole, Drake, and Big Sean to name a few…

What are your predictions for 2022? Anymore new releases on the horizon? 

More new music and touring!

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