Georgia Meek Talks Music, Message & Plans For The Future

Georgia Meek‘s new single Bare made over 100K streams on Spotify in it’s first week.  With its emotionally charged vocal, Bare tells a tale of domestic violence, female empowerment & self-preservation – a piano led pop ballad evoking a style reminiscent of Adele & Rihanna.

It’s great when you can enjoy music on a surface level, but there is something special that happens when you connect with a song so deeply that lyrics transcend the boundaries of your own experience and allow you to emphathise with the singer. That is something which is truly powerful and is a testament not only to the penmanship of the songwriter but also to the beautiful delivery of the artist.

Here’s what happened when I spoke to Georgia about the track and her plans for the future.

Why was it important to do a song on such a sensitive topic?

The problem here lies within your question. Domestic violence is still a social taboo and it’s time to put it in the forefront of the media. There have been plenty of songs in history that have touched on this issue in metaphors and hushed suggestions, leading some to question the brutality of my lyrics & music video – but I say it’s time to put the facts in black and white. If you’re talking about something, and it’s making people feel uncomfortable, 9 times out of 10 it’s because it’s not talked about enough.

When I sat down to write my EP, I thought to myself, what do I want to achieve with this? How can I take my music to a place with meaning, that has the potential to support & liberate other young girls like myself. As someone who has experienced scenes of abuse, I know the loneliness, the self-doubt, and above all, the idea that where you are and who you are with is the best that you deserve. Sometimes we are understandably afraid to get involved in other people’s relationships, and victims can be quick to defend their repressor – however, it was only when a good friend came and packed my bags with me in the middle of the night, my 19 year old heroine, fearless in the face of the unknown, that I escaped my encounter with DV.

What was the most challenging part of the creative process?

Remembering my purpose and keeping it classic – it’s so easy in a creative environment to get carried away. When we as artists write a new song, it is constantly developing & changing right up until release. It’s not a case of, oh, this sounds nice, lets record it (I wish!), there are so many stages of the journey. Those who know my music from last year will probably have been expecting obscure sounds, experimental electronica and pretty vocal lines – I’m a real advocate of pushing creativity in production. I wanted Bare however, to be completely about the lyrics, making sure that the story is never interrupted – that the listeners attention is never temped to wander towards something else happening in the background.

Was there ever any pressure to portray the message of the song in a particular way?

Again, beating around the bush & using metaphors as to not ‘offend’ or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Talking about DV shouldn’t make you feel awkward, it should make you feel angry. It’s time to channel that anger and take action.

What do you want people to take away from the song?

A sense of empowerment, particularly for anyone who feels trapped in a similar situation. A knowledge that if you leave, there will be a light on the other side. It is hard at first, you may feel lonely for some time; but you are strong, fierce, and above anything, you deserve more.

To sing Bare you have to be in quite a vulnerable place, does the thought of performing the song live make you nervous at all?

I’ve given it a few test run’s recently in London at some intimate shows. I now know that talking about the song before performing it is not the one haha. Once I’m in and singing, I’m fine, all the tension and nerves just leave me, and I remind myself that I’m doing this for a reason – that demonstrating strength in the face of adversity inspires others to do the same.

Musically where do you go from here?

Bare is the first of a series of tracks from my forthcoming EP, Womanhood. From exploring sexuality, to feminist fist pumping – it’s music to listen to in quieter moments, accompanied by your poison of choice.

Will your future music take a similar direction to bare?

Yes and no. I don’t think I could ever stop ‘preaching’ (haha), it’s who I am. The production on the next tracks will be more versatile though – expect sounds reminiscent of my early days experimentalism and plenty of lucid electronica.

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