It’s Gonna Be Alright – Scott Beckett

A sigh of relief in a sea of chaos, the folk influenced acoustic number with nothing but positive vibes is precisely what the world needs.

The song was beautiful because Scott’s vocal delivery felt genuine.

Everything, at least for those 3 minutes 4 seconds, was going to be okay.

Relatable at its core “It’s gonna be alright” explores the idea of wanting to escape when things get hard and the importance Of having a support system.

The simple yet endearing lyrics are all the motivation needed to get back in the saddle after having a rough time.

“It’s Gonna Be Alright” is the first single to be taken from Scott’s Second upcoming EP entitled ‘Break Free And Run’ which is set to be released in March. 

Speaking on the EP Scott says

In terms of the rest of the EP, I have written all the songs myself with an acoustic guitar, and I still have two songs left to record, so in terms of the type of sound, I want it to be modern and like it’s evolved from my last EP but also keeping that singer/songwriter vibe to it because that’s what it is. I think with this lead single ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ you can definitely feel it’s got more to it than my previous music in terms of sound. So I’m hoping to keep that going. You have to move forward and try new things with your sound.

Be inspired, be moved and enjoy!

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