Viral Sensation Kelsy Karter Pays Tribute To Harry Styles

New Zealand born, LA based singer Kelsy Karter has been generating a lot of buzz in the media in recent weeks. Starting with her now discovered fake tattoo of Harry Styles on her face, followed by the release of her new song ‘Harry’. If the fake tattoo wasn’t enough to guarantee this song would be a hit, it was co-written by Anthony Rossomondo who has won a Golden Globe for his work on the song ‘Shallow’ from A Star Is Born.

If you didn’t know who Kelsy Karter was before this, then you definitely do now as her tattoo and song have dominated the internet.

As soon as the song starts, it becomes obvious to the listener that Karter gets a lot of inspiration from the 60s and 70s era of Rock’n’Roll. The music is not the only thing influenced by the 60s. Karter’s video for Harry is completely taken over by a 1960s aesthetic which matches the song perfectly. The modern lyrics and edginess of the song and video aesthetic perfectly channels the same vibes that Styles 70s rock inspired, chart topping album did.

The listener is taken back in time as the track begins and Karter begins singing, “I blacked out, passed out, first time we met / It wasn’t drugs, could be love, but it’s probably sex”. The song is the ultimate fangirl anthem describing the infatuation and love that many fans feel for their favourite artist. Harry Styles is the perfect dedication to this song due to his experiences with infatuated fangirls from the very beginning of his career in his One Direction days.

Speaking on the release, Kelsy Karter states:

” My dog just died and my relationship just ended and I had spent 2 months in the studio crying and writing about it so the day I went into this session I told ant and tony that I just wanted to write some rocknroll and not have to feel anything too deep. I love that Harry has introduced the kids to rocknroll, and it’s common knowledge among the people in my life that I want to work with (and maybe snog) Harry Styles so we thought we would write a song about that instead.”

The song has an infectious melody which leaves listeners singing away to it all day. This song is the perfect upbeat tune I would dance around my bedroom too on a Friday night.

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