Janelle Monáe Makes a Splash with ‘Water Slide’ Visuals

Janelle Monáe is enjoying their age of pleasure era, and, this couldn’t be more true with the release of the music video for ‘Water Slide’.

Co-directed with Alan Ferguson (who also co-directed ‘Lipstick Lover’), Monáe displays their fun and free-spirited nature. With topless dancing and poolside action, ‘Water Slide’ is filled with colourful visuals. With the grainy, vintage style, they continue the visual aesthetics of ‘Lipstick Lover’. Throughout the video, various bodies are represented. People are seen embracing the bodies they have and having fun doing so. Whether it be with the skimpiest of outfits or no clothing at all!

Next month, Monáe will kick off ‘The Age of Pleasure’ tour in North America.

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Stream ‘The Age of Pleasure’ here:

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