Jen Berkova

Jen Berkova Delivers That Lockdown Feel On ‘Adventure time’

The return of Jen Berkova has been a long time coming with her last single released back in 2019. After using lockdown to refine her sound, she is back in 2022 with the soulful sounding R’n’B of ‘Adventure time.’

Described by Jen Berkova as “…created out of pure boredom,” this is an anthem inspired by the loneliness of lockdown life. The Summery guitar production feels like something you’d hear whilst relaxing on a beach. Sadly, you would be alone at that beach, as Jen details wanting to go on an adventure with someone but is being aired and is stuck at home.

Jen Berkova

She really shows off her versatility with her smooth vocals and even some attitude during her rap delivery and she perfectly encapsulates the isolation felt by many in the last two years and that desire to go out and explore the world again.

The video is also pretty special showing Jen Berkova in many scenarios alone, whether that be drinking a cuppa at home, watching the sand fall down an hourglass, or being sat alone in front of the T.V. In this quest for adventure, she goes outside, and we can see her on the bus and at the basketball court, searching for that someone to have a fun day out.

Jen Berkova

With support from BBC Introducing and 90’s influence in the visuals, Jen Berkova is bound to get some traction in the UK R’n’B scene. The Oxford native is carving her own path and after leaving fans waiting for a while, we hope we don’t have to wait another 3 years for the next piece of material.

Jen Berkova is on Instagram and Twitter!

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