Luka Gliša Releases New Single, Branches

An interesting change of direction for a fusion of pop and soul that really works. With a unique and individual style, Luka Glisa is an independent artist from Serbia and Britain. He is set out to “revamp” these genres into a new format and the song is worth listening to just on musicality alone. 

Blended with instrumental live sound, Luka has not held back on producing an intriguing mixture of instruments to create his sound and it pays off. Light with moments of more creative expression, Branches keeps the listener on the brink of relaxing, but in a good way. The vibe is an easy listen, yet the music is worthy of paying attention. Especially the jazzier solo at the minute two mark – such a different choice to include this but somehow, he has made it work and I think this truly reflects the style of music this artist is going to create and establishes him as someone to pay attention to in the coming years to see how he experiments and transcends genre boundaries once more. 

Branches is Luka’s first track of 2022 focusing on complexities and obstacles in relationships. He states, “In a social media age where our personalities and relationships exist more than ever in the public eye, we are tempted to paint an illusion of social and romantic perfection.” The truth of this permeates through the song for the listener, however, there are moments where I feel this message could have been promoted a little bit more as the undeniable good music that soundtracks the narrative overcrowds it in some places drawing the listener’s focus away from the lyrics. 

Luka says, “I feel [Branches] provides a positive breather to the stresses we all experience in this social landscape” and this is something I have to agree on. There is an uplifting element to the track that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a lovely cup of tea, the wholesome sigh that echoes a good experience well enjoyed. It contains interesting music choices that I think establishes Luka as someone ready to try something new for the industry. Whilst some moments require more clarity, it is a great start to this artist’s journey and progression.

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